Even Strangers Want To Be On Halfninja

From time to time at Standup shows, I run across people who either have a shitty camera or no camera at all that want a photo with Beetlejuice, Bob, etc.  I always take the picture for them and then tell them it’ll be up on Halfninja.  Only the next day I’m hungover and forget.  So here, in one entry, are all those photos.  Strangers with Beetle, we salute you.

Some guys we met outside of a pizza place in Wildwood.

Some dude, Scott Erickson, who was playing cover tunes outside the Stress Factory.

Some chicks that came over to us at a patio bar in Wildwood.

This guy REALLY looked like Ozzie Ozzbourne, but wasn’t.

This lady was drunk and threw herself on me as her seventy year old husband pulled up in his ‘penis car’.

This guy actually came up to me at a show and yelled at me for never emailing him his pic with Beetle.  If anything, he is the impetus behind this post.

This picture has been on before, but I added it, so I could put Kidd Chris in the ‘tags’.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 6, 2007.

One Response to “Even Strangers Want To Be On Halfninja”

  1. Hey chris, thanks for posting the picture..im the guy in the first pic in the white shirt. you guys were funny as hell…we gonna come out to more shows. ttyl chris

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