My Coke Rewards…Purely for Show at this Point

Well, I’m still entering Coke Rewards points, even though I already possess the Wii, thanks to a thoughtful birthday gift from my Girlfriend, Jess.  And though I’ve redeemed 3750 points to get three games from Coke for the Wii, as of today I currently have 1045 points left over.  I guess I’m just plugging away at it to prove to myself that I could have earned the Wii as I set out to do.  And yet I couldn’t have.  You see the Wii is gone from the My Coke Rewards program as is the Nintendo DS.  I don’t think they’re coming back.  A couple of XBOX Jet Fighter titles are the largest point value rewards in the gaming section now.

So for all of you out there pursuing the Wii, I feel your pain.  Unfortunately, I do not share your hope.  My advice to you is to hop onto and just purchase one for yourself.   I can’t recommend the system enough.  As for what to do with your coke rewards points.  If you already have the Wii Games they offer, my advice is to pick up one of the Coke in Britain messenger bags, they look pretty cool.  Skip the Coke in France one though, unless you like it up the butt.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 4, 2007.

20 Responses to “My Coke Rewards…Purely for Show at this Point”

  1. fpaw6wthvlwh from a coke 12 pack my coke rewards.. I’m in canada and can’t use them.

  2. Wow – how much of the stuff do you drink!?

    I am always told I drink a lot of it and I’m only up to about 350 points!

  3. Coke rewards is the biggest up your ass promotion in the history of butt-blasting. They let you see a nice gift and when you’re about a third of the way to actually having enough points to get it, they take it off the list. Like Coca Cola isn’t a big enough corporate entity to have enough Hot dog cookers in stock for the 30 people who might want to buy one with their points? No, the corporate wonks at Coke are so busy shoving all the good prizes up their asses so they can smuggle them out of HQ that we just get to drink enough coke product to give ourselves a distended colon. Once it gets big enough to park a Mini Cooper in there, you can apply for a vice president’s position in Atlanta.

  4. PF7H 7MRL BV9R CODE from a 12pk

  5. Thanks, Ken! 10 Points indeed.

  6. Hey boys, wats up?!

    I didn’t really read most of the posts 🙂 but I wanted someone to test this out for me. I was reading over another forum on coke rewards and someone posted this email They said that if you send him a code he will send you one back worth double the points.

    Apparently he’s hacked some of the coke brands, and is using your donation as a subject for more cracks.

    Sounds phony right? I said the same thing until some people came on and replyed that he really sent you the code! I want one of you guys to test it out for me and tell me if it works.

    If you’re brave enough-send me your phone number 🙂

  7. I was searching the net to see if anyone else in the web world was having difficulty with the coke rewards and stumbled upon your blog. Hope you dont mind if I take up some space……..I only had about 200 or so points and a huge bag full of caps left to put the codes in when I was sent an email telling me that the program will be held over in 2008. Great, huh?! Well, I also noticed that all of my points were gone!!!! I know that I’ve been on in the past 90 days so that cannot be the problem……….anyone know whats up?? Also, for the life of me, I cannot get on the rewards site to even put in my points! argh! I’m extremely pissed and am hoping to perhaps find a customer service number. If you can help, PLEASE EMAIL ME!! Thanks, Teresa

  8. can someone send me some at

  9. AWJV5M B96PR5 From a 12pk.. can’t use it in Canada

  10. 5wr7 tmvf hrxf from a bottle

  11. Thanks Ken! You have any more stashed away?

  12. another code -> TTKL4PBPWPVT

  13. oxnplkv5vmlb
    ntharpbwkrkk from bottles

  14. i cannot enter any more codes as of 9-o8….but still have points to spend and to enter… there a problem with entering these damn things at the moment or what????????????

  15. gplbayszkwyclbivwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  16. all these codes and thay dont worke were can i find real codes that worke and are 12 long

  17. I don’t know if you guys that are trying to save points for coke objects, but its not worth it. I’ve entered over 44, 000 reward points since this thing has started. I Only get the 20 oz coupons now. Think about it a 20oz soda is any from $1.60 to $1.80. Look at the cheap this coke offers and divide 24 (points for soda coupon) into the total points you have to spend on the reward. Take that times $1.60 and that is what you are paying for that reward. Example 24 divided into 500 is 20. 20 X $1.60 = $33.00. So you are paying $33.00 in soda for that $19.00 cooler. Go to the Coke Store ( and see how much cheeper it is.

    I also talked to the Coke Rewards people and they said the reason they went to the 120 points a week is to stop people that get code from other, but you can have 5 accounts per home. This kind of limit makes it next to impossible to get some of their rewards.

    If you have codes and you don’t want them send them to


  18. I dont play the McDonalds Monopoly game online, so for FREE I will post McDonalds Monopoly Codes for you just like the Coke Rewards I post for FREE here on

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