Labor Day Weekend at the Comedy Cabaret

Sobriety.... Yay.  Despite my anger/depression/relative bad mood about remaining sober during a weekend of stand up, I managed to bring my camera out to the second night of shows at the Comedy Cabaret this past weekend.  What follows are rather uninspired shots of the goings on went I felt like taking them.  This entry may be the very antithesis of what Half Ninja is about.  But here goes.

Personally I think Blake’s back could give Michaela a run for her money, but then, he was born a dude as well.  In the left corner you’ve got my girl talking to Thomas’s girl.  In the way way background, you’ve got Yeti and the rest of the underbelly posted up at the bar.  They come to the shows to hang out in the waiting room now and very rarely venture in to the actual showroom.  Weird?  I think so too.

The bartenders were more than happy to sport Bob Levy t-shirts while they worked.  Personally I think they just wanted free shirts, but whatever.  One more bartender and shirt style below.

Since, I couldn’t drink, Monkeyboy did enough drinking for the both of us.

And Danny Ozark hit on chicks with his unusual, “I bet I suck dick better than you.” pick up line.

It seemed everywhere I turned people were drinking, but then it’s northeast philly, the only things to do in that town are drink and run from bandits.  Below is the prototypical picture of true Northeast Drinking.

Miller Lite cans you brought yourself in a cooler getting downed by a dumpster.  Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love.

You really just couldn’t get away from the alcohol.  But everyone else had a good time, Superfans Ray and Denise brought out their daughter for her 22nd birthday party.

And then Bob Levy ate birthday cake out of some chick’s ass.  In fact it was the ass of the girl who ruined my first picture of Ray and Denise by screaming out for her father’s love and attention once more.

How many piercings can you count in that picture?  I forgot to ask Bob if her asshole was pierced or not.  We all know it was certainly full of birthday cake. Well that’s it.  That was my weekend.  Jess and I spent the rest of the weekend playing Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Wii and going to barbecues.  I’ll check back in tomorrow.  Until then just enjoy the Holiday and start counting down the days til the “Blue Cheese Retrospectives” begin publishing while I’m in Disneyworld.  Six days til the Magic Kingdom, fuckers.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Labor Day Weekend at the Comedy Cabaret”

  1. I always go IN to watch the show, just so you know.

  2. You were rather boring this weekend.

    And that girls piercings were ridiculously gross.

  3. pretty sure you captioned one of the pictures incorrectly. there’s no way that girl is thomas’s girlfriend.

  4. Nah, if there’s one thing Halfninja does, it’s check its sources. I make one little mistake misattributing your fat girl hookup to Matt Walsh and all of a sudden I’m the Weekly World News?


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