Sober Standup

I think last night’s set went surprisingly well given the fact that I was both miserable and sober.  It’s really weird to be up there trying to entertain other people when all you want is to be in bed, moaning and wailing like an 18th century ghost.  It’s even worse (at least for me) to be doing it armed only with Coke Zero, A giant bottle of WaWa Spring water, and a chip the size of a Pringle on your shoulder.

I didn’t even bring my camera.  At least after the sober bombing on O&A, I learned that I don’t need alcohol to be funny, though apparently I do need it to be fun. Smoking outside in a corner by the dumpster, sitting in the corner of the room watching the t-shirts.  I had very little fun last night, and I get to look forward to it again tonight.  At least, I’ll have seen Superbad though.  Jess and I are catching the 2:55 showing soon.  And I’m looking forward to one of their giant Coke slushees to ease my sore throat.

 I’m certainly going to Throg’s Neck, figuratively anyway.  Should any of you halfninjas go to the show tonight, be sure to ask me what that means.  As I didn’t take any pics last night, I’ll try to find one from the depot to end this post with.

Can’t find any.  Fuck it, here’s one of McGonigal sleeping.  Yeah I take pictures of my friends when they sleep.  Sue me.

~ by chrismcdevitt on September 1, 2007.

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