You Ever Known One Of These People?

Ever known one of these people that always need clarification?  I’ve got a few in my life.  By far the most intriguing least annoying is Jonathan J. Prober, honer of the popular catchphrase, “What do you mean by THAT?”.  At the other end of the spectrum we have fellow digiphotog, Coz.  Having a discussion with Coz is like teaching a special ed class, even when you’ve finally gotten your point across, you strongly doubt you changed anything at all.  The windows will still taste fine to the little whippersnapper.

Here’s a chat transcript of how I deal with these things now:

[14:12] cmcdevittnj: haha, some idiot left a comment on halfninja
[14:12] cmcdevittnj: so when i clicked on the link to go to his blog
[14:12] cmcdevittnj: it asked me to register it
[14:12] cmcdevittnj: so now I own the guy’s blog
[14:12] cmcdevittnj: weird
[14:13] thisiscoz: ?
[14:13] bbsincere: hahahahhaha
[14:14] cmcdevittnj: what a dumb ass
[14:15] thisiscoz: i dont understand
[14:15] cmcdevittnj: i’m not going to explain it
[14:15] bbsincere: please dont
[14:15] thisiscoz: did you have to fill something out to pay for it?
[14:15] cmcdevittnj: i’m going to go smoke, and forget that you even asked a question


~ by chrismcdevitt on August 27, 2007.

11 Responses to “You Ever Known One Of These People?”

  1. [14:15] bbsincere: hahha
    [14:16] thisiscoz: wtf — how is anyone able to understand what you said?
    [14:16] thisiscoz: nicki do you understand?
    [14:16] bbsincere: yes coz
    [14:16] bbsincere: that is why i chuckled
    [14:16] thisiscoz: can you explain in a PM?
    [14:17] chad206445: who is the jets QB?
    [14:17] chad206445: not pennington
    [14:17] bbsincere: he went to leave a comment on some dudes blog, and a link asked him if he wanted to register it
    [14:17] bbsincere: so he did
    [14:17] yetichi: he will never explain it. give it up
    [14:17] chad206445: the other dude
    [14:17] thisiscoz: but you cant register a website for free
    [14:17] bbsincere: why even care if he paid of not
    [14:17] bbsincere: *or not
    [14:17] thisiscoz: because if he filled something out, then he was probably scammed into it.
    [14:17] bbsincere: coz, you seem to think too much in here
    [14:18] bbsincere: oooooooooooooo
    [14:18] bbsincere: i see where you are going now
    [14:18] thisiscoz: im not thinking too much — i know websites and what he said doesnt make sense
    [14:18] bbsincere: you were just concerned
    [14:18] thisiscoz: if he went to any website which was being reserved for sale, then it never existed… therefore if someone left that website as a comment, then it was a ploy to get him to go there.
    [14:18] yetichi: why would anyone be concerned whether or not chris mcdevitt was scammed by a website
    [14:19] bbsincere: that is what i jut asked
    [14:19] bbsincere: but coz is a loving, kind-hearted person
    [14:20] thisiscoz: if i was told to deliver a package to 123 anywhere st. and i went there and it was a vacant house with a big FREE sign out front, would I assume ownership of that house?
    [14:20] bbsincere: you could
    [14:20] thisiscoz: id be an idiot.
    [14:20] bbsincere: its free
    [14:20] yetichi: why would you claim ownership if you were there to deliver a package
    [14:21] thisiscoz: because it was there and the sign told me to take it for free.
    [14:21] yetichi: but you are there to do a job, not for real estate
    [14:21] thisiscoz: right but someone led me there.
    [14:21] bbsincere: hahahahahaahaahah
    [14:22] bbsincere: this is killing me
    [14:22] thisiscoz: not doing a job, per se.. i was trying to think og why id go to a random house.
    [14:22] yetichi: you’d drive around looking for a random house with a take for free sign?

  2. I’m sorry your story didn’t add up. I’ve never been led to an empty website and registered it because it told me to. C’mon now.

  3. This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Can you see if you could own circuit theory’s blogsite?


  5. How much did it cost for you to BUY that CMcD?

  6. Holy shit, it was like 0 dollars.

  7. Oh ok, I suppose I’m forced to defend myself on this blog as well as the chatroom…..

    If it was stated in the beginning that it was a WordPress blog account, things would have made a bit more sense.*(Granted any jackass wouldn’t take it at face value that said blog registered was hosted on a DNS Server somewhere else and built from the ground up.)

    Also, if you’re given the opportunity to register a WordPress blog account like that, then it never belonged to anyone — which contradicts your whole story. Now that we’ve cleared those two HUGE HOLES in your story, things make perfect sense. (Did I mention I’m a complete and utter jackass that can’t let anything go, and thereby proved THE ENTIRE BLOG ENTRY To be True?)

    I, Coz Baldwin, am sometimes so retarded I’m ashamed of myself.

    *When I think of a blog, I think of a real website. Not some pre-formatted, dime-a-dozen, retard-friendly PAGE like or .

  8. Fixed.

  9. wow…. real classy move, editing peoples comments, it’s almost like I’m fighting a losing battle and too stupid to just realize that i’m playing right into the hands of someone who is trapped at a desk until 5pm and doesn’t have anything better to do than fuck with me. Because, secretly, I actually relish all the attention being lavished upon me. Even if it is negative.

    I’m a trainwreck.

  10. Fixed.

  11. im so jazzed i posted on this website.

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