Connecticut Weekend

Jess and I are up here in this awful connecticut motel room.  We watched The Rules of Attraction on DVD today, and bought discount shoes at a 50% off sale.  There was a pube on her home fries at the Greek Diner we went to for breakfast.

Awesome entry, right?

 Things are really bitchin up in the CT, this weekend.

 I just wanna go home.  The show last night went very well, aside from the ballsiest waitresses I’ve ever seen.  They were actually hounding Jess about when they were going to be tipped.  Then the same one who had insulted me earlier in the night, stopped me in the Men’s room doorway to ask about her tip.  She apologized for her behavior at Dinner tonight, but fuck, are you serious?  What kind of restaurant lets the help act that way?

Ridiculous.  I’m here, laying on the bed, waiting for Jess to finish ‘getting ready’ so we can go back to the show.  There’s no way I’m going to get any serious “drinking” time before my set.  I’m going up second, After Shuli and Before Sal.  Should be another great crowd tonight, at least the Connecticut shows are fun, it’s the being in Connecticut not doing shows that sucks balls.

 It really is a quaint little state.  Everything is nice, relaxed and green.  It’s just too bad there’s fuck-all to do around here.  Oh well.  I guess she’ll be done soon.  Once I get my FLICKR uploader working again, I’ll add pics from last night and tonight.  Later ninjas.


~ by chrismcdevitt on August 18, 2007.

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