Radio Gold walked into our studio on Monday

For those of you who listen to the Chris McDevitt Show on Monday Nights from 7-9pm, this entry will be a special little treat.  If you don’t hears hoping that they have the podcast up on their website by the time you read this.  I’ve given them all the time I can.  My life hasn’t been all that interesting this week, so I’m almost out of material to blog about.  Unless you want to hear how much I suck at Madden 2008, which you don’t.  It was a typical edition of the Chris McDevitt show, Pat Breslin and I were sitting around bullshitting about whatever with Jeever, the indian fella who works with Pat and shouted us out on Opie and Anthony a few weeks back.  When there was a knock at the door to the studio.  Right away I knew that whoever was on the other side wasn’t thinking right, cuz that door is always locked.

The studio has three doors, but you would think people would go to the door with the name written on the glass and the lock box hanging on the knob.  You’d be surprised.  Either way I get outside and who is there, but a complete stranger.  An african american fellow with his belongings in a garbage bag who tells me that he has an appointment at the radio station.  That he told them he’d be there anywhere between noon and 8pm.  (Like the fucking cable guy).  I knew that there was no way I couldn’t have him on the Chris McDevitt show, hell this guy “Deshon ‘Big D’ Porter” is Stern material.  He’s way too good to keep solely for a little podcast.

He’s got the faintest hint of a speech impediment, but more importantly, he’s extremely vocal about free speech and he looks like a Black version of The Waterboy.

What’s that you don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

He was cool as hell.  You can listen to the podcast HERE.

To see just what kind of gold, Deshon brought.



~ by chrismcdevitt on August 15, 2007.

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