Loose Cannons Show, 8/3/07

Now that my birthday weekend is over, I’ve got a lot of half ninja’ing to catch up on.  Friday Night, Jess and I went to the Loose Cannons show at The Lagoon in Essington, PA.  Here’s a few highlights, low lights, and pictures from the night.

Jess with Rich Nice, formerly of LFO, singer of “Summer Girls (that Abercrombie and Fitch song)”, and his ridiculous fake gold chain.  Super nice guy, but when he gets drunk his Boston really comes out.  I heard one guy in the crowd say that the only words he understood Rich saying all night were “More Vodka and Tonic!”

Me with Doug Ray, a.k.a Toothpick (formerly of Bad Ronald).  I don’t know what’s up with his right eye in this photo.  I’m guessing a lovely lady walked by who was at least more interesting than the lumpy mess I’ve called a face lately.  I really need to drop another 15-20 lbs before Disney World (which is happening in 34 days).

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach was there before the bands went on to do some of his “Caw-MEDY!”.  Also Underbelly Member and JerkOffRadio host, Dub-ill-yall (Will) was backstage filming for the Nitty Gritty.

Thomas took a moment away from drinking his face off to chide new parents Eggnog and Tara for hanging out in the greenroom acting like “Underbelly Royalty.” 

The unofficial Underbelly photographer, Coz Baldwin, snapped this little semi candid of Jess and I together before I got drunk enough to be having a really good time.  He also took this shot of Rich Nice’s girlfriend.

Yeah, Coz can be a little creepy at times.  But that’s alright, she wanted people to look, which is why she spent half of Loose Cannons set on stage mouthing the words, and taking what had to be the worst pictures on the face of the earth.  Worse than this one.

If you were there, this would have been the hilarious site of Connie dancing all by himself, rocking out on the dancefloor, before the show began.  Unfortunately my zoom sucks and my flash goes about as far as a quadrapalegic uphill.  What can you do, I’m finding as of late, that my camera is not built for “ACTION SHOTS” in low light.  Strobes and colored lights blur the shot, add red eye and generally just make me ashamed of clicking the shutter button in the first place.  But action shots were never what this blog was about, this is the backstage view, the show you DIDN’T see, not the one you paid to see, and it’s free, so get off my nuts.

Apparently I have to put text here or it will keep putting the next photo next to the Connie photo and fucking up the layout of the whole page, so here is some stupid fucking text keeping the page aligned.  You don’t have to read it but you can thank me for keeping this shit straight, if you want.  I won’t object.

Jim the Regular

As I took this photo Jim the Regular remarked how I’m not even trying anymore.  I didn’t bother to take the cigarette out of my mouth or even hand the camera to someone else to take the photo.  Fuck him, he’s not that funny without his notebook of ha-ha’s anyway.

Brother Ron (the black Jim the Regular) stopped by and even wound up on stage with the Nitty Gritty, this Ozzie look alike was the winner of the “Heartbeat” remake contest, and has been a Kidd Chris fan since at least the First Birthday Party where I met him and his wife.

J.Reg tries to pull a Ruthie here and disrupt my photo with Danny Ozark.  Unfortunately I couldn’t cover ALL of the simple giant’s face with my beer, but apparently I did manage to stick it up his nose.  Whatever, I still drank it.

Jonny300 of Porn and Nitty Gritty Weightlifting Fame mugged with me backstage, after popping up in my Doug Ray pic, and telling me there are “hot tub pics” of us from the Backyard Barbecue.  I remember none of this and deny all of it.

This is Matt Walsh Online not to be confused with the young man Matt Walt who I erroneusly labeled as Matt Walsh Online.  Matt Walt was the guy making out with the fatty, not this fine upstanding gentleman.

This is Matt Walsh Online, who you may or may not remember from the Fat Walsh Online blog entry.  There’s also a slight retraction about that story, but you’ll have to mouse over the picture of him and I to read it.  Fuck ‘im.

The ILoveRoadHead guys stopped out, and if there were such a thing, would win the award for the most entertaining self-promoters out there.  I only wish they would get a new Midget.  I’ve already got my picture taken with him.

I had a great time at the show, except for one little incident which I’ll describe more fully in its own entry, Jess wasn’t so hot on the Nitty Gritty, and didn’t really feel like standing around for the bands before them, but I believe she forgave me for dragging her all the way to Philly, and then getting too drunk to drive home, when Rich Nice sang “Summer Girls” and she was whisked back to her pre-pubescence (only a few short years ago).  The closer for this entry is Jess’s “I’m listening to the Summer Girls song live like I could have only dreamed of when I was Eleven” face, ENJOY:

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  1. I love aligned pages! Great pics and story!!

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