Fat Walsh Online

I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than having photographic evidence of one of your friends hooking up with a fat chick.  I know it’s mean to call this girl I don’t even know fat, but let’s be honest, by the looks of the photograph she’s completely GGOFTT (Pronounced Goft).  Gut Goes Out Further Than Tits.  Like I said, having a photo of your buddy tongue kissing the remains of a hot fudge sundae is one thing, but when that buddy is a body building fancy lad, it’s even better.  Listeners of the Kidd Chris or longtime residents of Sea Isle City, or even listeners of the Chris McDevitt show may know Matt Walsh of MattWalshOnline.com.

If you don’t just take the link, wait for his ridiculously slow website to load, and then feast your eyes on the Crunch and Dead Lift maniac who was the only one strong enough to carry this load home on Wednesday night.  Props to SLIM for taking this photo, you might remember him from when I put his girlfriend’s juggahs on this blog.  If you don’t, here they are again.

  You can catch more of these photos of Slims Girl and the hand cupping them on VivaLaSlim.com .

That’s a great photo, I may have to keep it in my wallet.  The one of Walsh kissing Shamu, not Slim’s girl.  What a hilarious cockblock that would be the next time Walsh is talking to a girl at a bar.   “Check out your boy!  You can keep that, I gots DOUBLES!”


~ by chrismcdevitt on August 3, 2007.

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