Know-Nothings Pissed Off Yet Again About Hurricane Katrina

Some things are just too amusing to be real; but this one is.  The local news are actually covering ICE left out to melt in Pennsylvania.  Nevermind that Philadelphia has one of the highest murder rates in the country.  Ice IS Melting.  Seriously.  Even worse they found people with even more screwed up priorities to interview about the ICE melting.

You can read about it below or HERE on CBS’s Website.

Neighbors in one Lehigh County community knew something wasn’t quite right when they saw plastic bags blowing all over the road near a cold storage plant.

Then, they saw the mountains of ice sitting in the scorching summer sun, melting away on the company’s pavement. NBC 10 learned that the company, AmeriCold, was storing the ice for the federal government after FEMA bought it to help Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans two years ago and did not use it. The ice melting away in Lehigh County is some of the 224 million pounds the government bought after the disaster and paid nearly $13 million to store at 22 AmeriCold plants around the country since. But recently, the government, saying it bought too much and citing health issues, told the plants to let the ice melt, according to an NBC 10 report which also noted that FEMA said no one wanted the ice. “Now, I find out that we’ve been paying—the federal government’s been paying — to have all this ice stored for almost two years,” neighbor Mark Messics said. “And after all that we’re just letting it melt in the parking lot,” Messics added.

Another Lehigh Valley woman was appalled that it was being wasted two years later. “I have a relative who lives in Louisiana and it upsets me very much that the ice is melting over there when they could’ve used it two years ago,” neighbor Louis Dolan said. There may be health issues with using old ice, but another neighbor said it could have been used in other ways. “There must be better things to do with the ice than just let it melt,” neighbor Dan Dolan said. “It doesn’t have to be consumed. “It could be used to cool things, whatever,” he added. “But just letting it melt seems ridiculous.”

The last two paragraphs are the best ones.  First of all, they interviewed a woman named Louis.  That’s just funny, of course she has a stupid opinion.  She had a cousin in Louisiana two years ago that could have really used that ice.  Really?  Did she?  Were these fucking people making margaritas while their houses and all their possessions floated away?  The only people who needed ice were the women and children stuck in the Astrodome with convicted rapists.  The second guy interviewed, another Dolan (I’m guessing their quite the gem of Philadelphia genetics) couldn’t even think of something else that could be done with the ice.  He wasn’t even that sure on whether or not it could ‘cool something’, that was just one of his ideas.  The fact of the matter is, that if you care that much about the ice, go out and grab you some.  It’s in bags, you can take it.  Let’s leave the whole Katrina mismanagement angle out of this, and for one second, stop and realize the News have been referring to people who live next to this “Ice Dump” as neighbors.  Ice doesn’t have neighbors.  So the question remains, ninjas:  What Would You Do With That Ice?

~ by chrismcdevitt on August 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Know-Nothings Pissed Off Yet Again About Hurricane Katrina”

  1. I know! They could use it to fill a pool!

  2. Why of course, they could bring the ice to Memphis and let it melt with the mountains of ice that have been melting at the Mid-South Fairgrounds here for two years. It’s not the point of the ice melting that makes it newsworthy. It’s the *cost* of the ice that’s the kicker. Almost $30 million dollars of taxpayer money to stockpile, store and then allow the ice to melt all because FEMA couldn’t find it’s ass with both hands. 85 million pounds of ice in all. In twelve different locations around the country.
    Or……of course, they could transport the ice to the poles and construct man-made glaciers to replace the ones that are melting due to global warming.

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