Everybody’s Working for the Wiikend!

Woohoo  The WII is BACK on MYCOKEREWARDS.COM!  That’s right, no longer out of stock.  My quest has not been in vain.  My collection of over 3521 points has not been wasted.  I’ve only got 2728 points to go.   Mathwise we’re talking 910 soda caps entered over 90 days, or less, if I can continue to score codes off of 12 packs and internet offers.  I just need to ‘maintain’ into the final stages.  I’ve got my coke code spies out there, helping feed the beast, and I think I’ll be alright.  Now that the Wii is an option once again though my doubts have grown greater.  I’m not foolish enough to think that this new supply of Wiis will last the full 90 days needed to win it, not when they’ve gone through two supplies already.  Along with the Wii they brought back the Nintendo DS pictured below.  I can have that points in hand right now for 3250.  You make the call, do I cash out now and take my DS, or should I see it through and make the most desparate of grabs for the Wii?  I’m thinking Wii, I’ve never really wanted a DS, and the only use I would have for it would be to use it as a WiFi controller when playing the Pokemon Battle game on the Wii.

So, Halfninjas, what would you do?  See the quest all the way through whether it means Victory or Wiifeat?  Or just take the technology and run before they run out again and don’t restock the pond?  Post your takes in the comments.


~ by chrismcdevitt on August 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Everybody’s Working for the Wiikend!”

  1. I still say get the games for freezies.

    Or get the DS so I can get my Nintedoggy!

  2. Depending on where you live, you could easily have those 2700 points in hand THIS week, in 10-point codes. Hold out for the Wii, and email me for more info.


    It’s legal and legit – just not many people know about it. It won’t last forever though.

    If you send your zip code (don’t even need your name), I can tell you if it will work for you.


  3. Let me know if you talk to the guy that left the above comment. 😛

  4. Well I am short by 78 points!!! I only need 78 more points to have enough for the Wii. . but again it’s out of stock.

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