The Killers of Comedy in Allentown, PA

Jess and I had a blast last Saturday at the Killers of Comedy show in Allentown, PA, it was our first weekend off in a while, and to celebrate I took her to a comedy show, not exactly her idea of a good time, but I’d gone to visit her grandmother that afternoon so I guess I had some karma in the bank, that and she’s just a great girl.  Like I said the show was in Allentown, which is…..a dump.


The club was nice, there were probably between 500 and 600 people there, but it was still in Allentown.  Those of you who have never been here probably don’t know what I mean, but let’s put it this way, there were 600+ people there, and NO AIR CONDITIONING at all; in a concert hall; a place that makes its living gathering people together to be entertained; no air conditioning.

I said BLOW ON ME, not BLOW ME!

Bob tries to catch a breeze from a nearby table fan and wonders what the hell he’s doing in Allentown, PA.


Here’s Jess pretending to have a good time, and then texting me under the table that she wants to leave 30 minutes after we had gotten there.  It took a while for her to warm up to the place, I can’t imagine why, it was so classy.  There was a VIP bathroom on the roof.

Lookout Below

Oh i’m sorry, that wasn’t a VIP bathroom, that was Levy wizzing out the door.  There was only one bathroom in the place back downstairs by the entrance; and in between the Green Room and the Bathroom, those 600 fans packed in like Sardines.  No thanks.  The roof’ll do.


Here we see Bob finishing up his business on the roof once again.  Notice the puddle to his right.  At this point, he turns around and realizes I’ve been photographing him everytime he urinated in public.

Dammit, McDivvit
There’s your headliner, folks, caught with his Cock in the Cookie jar.  The roof was the main source of action for the people not paying attention to the stage.  Mostly because it was twenty degrees cooler outside.

Woo-Tang Clan

Thomas attempts to stay cool in a Nitty Gritty T-shirt, but it just doesn’t help.  Plus he made that chair smell like Noodles.  The One-Ton from Wonton strikes again!

Thomas wasn’t the only radio second banana/producer at the show we also had Scotty Farrell’s own, Sweet Lou.  He shares a birthday (and more than a few butterfly kisses) with Levy.  A birthday they’ll be celebrating two weeks from now at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club .


Speaking of Producers, here’s Stern Show favorite and comedian, Sal Governale.  Seems he’s found an emotional friend of his own.  Shit, that’s my girlfriend.  Jess certainly was a hit on the roof.  She wanted to get a picture with Beetle and ended up being molested.  The worst part is, it was a hilarious molestation, much like my own years before at the hands of Monsignor Bonkers; the Catholic Church’s first Clown Bishop.


Looking very much like a clown bishop herself, Ruthie the Rapper, jumped into this photo to ruin it with her awful sunglasses.  I don’t know what the fuck was up with those things, but she had them on, even inside the place.  This is Beetle and Shuli with the promoter of the event, and for his own personal collection, I will not publish another photo of the three of them WITHOUT ruthie in it.  Also note the “Tupac” face that Beetle is making below.

As bad as can

Whenever Beetle’s around you can be sure that everybody wants a picture with him.  Including Jess.  But she did get more than she bargained for.

Hey ya

We were all so busy laughing at Beetle’s boob-licking antics we almost missed the violation that was going on behind Jess.  Here you can see Jeff the Bottomfeeder ‘pretending’ to take a picture with an invisible camera so that Beet wouldn’t stop doing what he was doing before we could snap a photo of it.

Beet kept up his death grip for about two minutes, holding Jess like a bowling ball, until she could convince him that she ‘came’.  And he finally let go, running over to me to tell me , ” I made your girl came.”  That might not be as funny to you as it is to me.  I guess you have to speak Beetle.


I’m pretty sure the caption to this photo should be, “Two Chins That Have Seen Better Days.”  Florentine killed his set, and it was time for Bob to go up and be the Reverend.  I don’t have any photos of this, as I couldn’t get close enough to the ass-eating action.  What I do have a picture of is Kidd Chris almost killing himself to get a better look at the Rev-On-Girl-On-Girl spectacle taking place on the stage.


It was a good night.  There was a party at Jeff’s after the show, but upon arrival I realized I was the biggest celebrity there.  Which is disappointing for both me and everyone else.  I believe one girl even said, “Ewww” when she found out.  I called Shuli to see what was taking them so long, and it turned out they had the Presidential Suite back at the hotel.  So Jess and I cruised over there for some late night beer, pizza, and Young Frankenstein with Beet and the Crew.

Like I said, it was a good time.  There’s plenty of photos of the party at Jeff’s , HERE, taken by the Leftenant of the Underbelly, Coz.  If you went, I hope you had a blast, if you didn’t, make sure and catch the next one when they come to your area.  Perhaps you’ll be able to say that you had a night as fun as this man did:



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5 Responses to “The Killers of Comedy in Allentown, PA”

  1. Allentown was a little scarier than I predicted. ‘Twas a good time, though, Oh Captain my Captain.

  2. He really did make me came. I swear.

  3. I like and appreciate your coverage of this event. I am the promoter in the photo with Shuli and Beetle Juice.

    Thanks Bro


  4. […] up with Bottomfeeder Jeff and a couple of fans from the Allentown show, previously blogged about HERE.  I went through my bag and my car this morning, and I can’t find my damn copy of the DVD so […]

  5. fag

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