Irish Eyes Gig in Rehoboth Beach

 That's my cigarette, the place isn't on fire.

Monday Night, Levy and I met up with Ed McGonigal to do a show at Irish Eyes in Rehoboth Beach.  We didn’t get there very early so I didn’t get a chance to play my favorite Rehoboth game, “Does that have a Cock?”.  It’s an interesting area to say the least but it’s definitely a nice little bar down there, and the audiences are usually fun or at the very least, interesting.  This crowd was both.


This girl had the largest ass I’ve ever seen on a normal sized girl.  She wasn’t overweight, but she also was not the right body type for a bright yellow sundress.  Her ass looked like a volkswagen beetle.  Forgive the blurriness, but Irish Eyes may be THE WORST place to take a photograph in the entire continental United States.  Every photo I have from inside that place is blurry, though this is blurry because of the minibus she called an ass being in motion.  She wasn’t the only audience member desperate for attention though, that little award goes to the Lady in the Orange Pants who came onstage during EVERYONE’S set. 

We tried auctioning her off, but no takers

I think she changes the color of her pants to match the current Terror Level, that would be the only explanation I could think of for a grown woman to wear such a hideous color, even if it was her birthday.  Levy handled it pretty well though, and when it became apparent she wasn’t going to swap those awful coulattes for some blue cheese, he closed out the show.


Waiting outside was ole Grumpy McGonigal, Doc and Sneezy had apparently ditched him for some White chick, and he was drinking his coffee and being miserable on a bench outside.  He didn’t have a bad set, so I don’t know what his problem was.  Perhaps he just couldn’t reach the door handle to get back in.

I'm Fwustwated.

He certainly scurried off the bench when the Orange Pants lady came out after the show to grab a smoke before being awkwardly escorted home by her husband who didn’t look a day over deceased.  I thought it would be funny to get a picture with the woman who had tried her best to wreck our show.  I didn’t think it would be funny if she threw herself onto my lap, sending my laptop flying, and grabbing me around the neck like I was the toilet bowl she would soon be voiding her dinner into.

If this pic had been snapped a few seconds sooner or later, you might have seen a pair of decent hangers on one of the drunk lady’s friends.  I’m not sure.  I know that in the original version of this, the 7.2 Mega Pixel one, you can see her husband pulling up in his “My Penis has Gone South for the Winter of My Life” car.  Had I been him I might have been perturbed to find my drunken trophy wife on the lap of and molesting a 26 year old, but what could he do about it.  If he took a swing at me, the effort alone would probably have broken his hip.  All in all it was a pretty fun night.  I wish I could show you some more pictures but they’re ALL BLURRY and awful.  There’s plenty of laughs to be had at Irish Eyes, but there’s more neon lights, so bring your appetites, your wallets, and your chuckles but leave your cameras at home. 


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 26, 2007.

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