My Coke Rewards Wishlist

It’s not so much a wishlist as it is a list of shit I’ll probably end up getting with my massive amount of points now that the Wii has gone out of Stock.  I would have made it a top twenty but by my count, I’ve only got 19 things on this list, and I was too fucking lazy to go find a twentieth.  We’ll see.

Oh Simon, you rogue!American Idol Cup – You can get one cup for 69 points or a four pack of the cups for 250 points.  What better way to let all your friends know your gay than inviting them over for a lovely tea party (unsweetened ice tea you made yourself that is) with your brand new American Idol cups.  I don’t know why I’m making fun of it, it’s made of bright red durable plastic and it holds 24 ozs.  That’s two cans of soda or beer, something tells me though I’d rather be double fisting than sporting one of these in my fist.  Probably not going to redeem my points for it.

Elf in the Box-  250 points.

Hahaha, I made a TOY!Christmas is just around the corner, or at least it will be by the time my redeemed prizes actually arrive, and what better way to short a stepnephew or some other family member’s child that I have little or no regard for than with a toy I won from the internet by drinking coke and digging bottle caps out of the waste baskets on the Wildwood boardwalk?  I liked the movie, I didn’t love it, so as much as I love free shit and the idea of jamming Will Ferrell’s face back into a box, I’m probably going to have to pass on this little treasure.  Who am I kidding the thing has been out of stock since the day it was put up.  I have no choice.

 Coke Flip Flops, ugh.

Coke Flip Flops – 268 points

Sure they’re stylish, but they’re also practical, you can wears em on your feets.  Anyone who has seen my previous blog entries about my awful feet knows that I should have flip flops or some other sort of covering on my dogs 24 hours a day.  Nobody wants my rotting foot flesh touching their personal items.  If I walked on hot coals, I’d have to apologize to the burning embers for sullying them with my own personal fungus.  It’s out of control, my Athlete’s foot is now getting junkmail at my house, and it has a better credit rating than I do.

USB coke bottlesUSB Coke Bottle Flash Drives – 660 Points

I have to admit these look pretty cool.  There’s so much coke crap all over my desk, that having a Coca-Cola bottle shaped flash drive would blend in nicely, and at 660 points it’s quite a bargain.  Too bad the flash drive is only 256MB, that’s right, a quarter of a Gig.  What the hell can I put on this flash drive? My halfninja photos, before they’re edited down, are 7 megabytes EACH.  My camera has more internal memory than this little joy stick.  Keep it coke.

Entertainment Weekly

EW Subscription for 1 YearEntertainment Weekly 1-Year Subscription – 675 Points

I like Entertainment Weekly, despite their inability to review a movie for shit, Owen Gleiberman and that chick suck more than Wheelchair Soccer games.  I used to subscribe to it, when I thought I’d become a famous screenwriter.  I guess, if I have 675 points to burn when it’s all said and done I’ll take them up on this offer.  But I’m moving within the next year and resuming your subscriptions is kind of a pain in the ass I won’t want.  We’ll see.

Cutting board oh myLenox Dansk Cheese Board w/ Knife — 675 Points

Well, there’s not much I can say about this.  Jess and I will be moving in together in June of 2008, and married a year or two after that, so we could probably use a Cheese Board I guess.  I’m sure you could put other things besides cheese on it, though that probably voids the warranty.  Maybe we could use one of these.  I don’t know.

Yeah, baby, GRRRRR!All 3 Austin Powers Movies on DVD- 670 Points

This reward is pretty self explanatory.  I have the second one on VHS, but none of them on DVD.  It’s not a super awesome reward, but I guess the more DVDs I have in my personal collection that don’t have the words Girls Gone Wild on them the better.  Jess liked these movies, if she doesn’t already have them, maybe I’ll go for it.  Mediocre, Baby, GRRR!

Look at the stars!Celetron PowerSeeker 50 Telescope – 1049 Points

If I were still 12 years old you could bet your sweet ass that I’d be redeeming this bad boy.  Unfortunately, at almost 27 I don’t give a shit about what’s going on out in the stars.  I’d probably just use it to spy on the neighbors when they’re porking.  On second thought, maybe I should get this.

Put your Weiner on the Griddle!Nostalgic Hot Dog Cooker – 1125 Points

I’m oddly drawn to this little machine, and I don’t know why.  Perhaps because I don’t trust my retarded ass around a grill, or perhaps because I hate the darkened charcoal parts of your usual backyard hotdog.  The description on the website is pretty entertaining: Get things rolling with this old fashioned hot dog cooker.  It cooks up to 8 hot dogs or 12 Breakfast Sausages in just minutes in Style. 

Cool Ass It's green what else did you expect.Green Jacket – 1161 Points

Almost anyone who has ever seen me live can tell you how much I like Green or Greenish track jackets.  So I feel a pretty strong pull towards this one, although the picture is quite tiny so I don’t know how it would fit my body.  The one strike it has against it is that it’s apparently modeled after the Mexican National Soccer Federation and has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland.  I like green, but I imagine I would look like a huge jackass wearing an MNF soccer jacket over my pale never picked a strawberry skin.

 Three Games for the Nintendo Wii- 1250 points each

Considering that the Wii itself is now out of stock and that I’ll most likely end up purchasing one anyway, the smartest move I could make would be to score three games for free, rather than pay $50 bucks each when I get it.  Though WarioWare is really the only one I’ve played and liked so far, I’m sure Jess could get into Paper Mario, and that swordfighting and shit in Legend of Zelda would be pretty cool.  Right now this is probably my number one option.

What can I say I love Sambas?Adidas Samba Millenium Edition -1500 Points

Again, if you’ve ever seen me in person, you’d know that if I’m not at work, odds are I’m wearing a pair of Adidas Sambas, it’s been pretty much the same thing since I was 15 or 16 years old.  I copied off someone, and then stuck to the trend for over a decade.  I’m a simple man, plus the stripes are green which is cool to me, though the red again adds that Mexican flavor that’s sure to drive me off.  We’ll see.

Random Shit for Around 2000+ Points

Lots of Stuff

The year of Blockbuster rentals would be cool, but Jess already pays for that Total Access plan so there’s no real need to do that one, plus if you don’t use your free rental that week, you lose it, kind of a bullshit deal.  I like sunglasses, and it would be cool to have a pair that cost more than $7, but let’s face it, I’d lose them or break them, and as much as I want to look Shibby in a pair of Adidas or Ray-Bans, I don’t want to spend 2000 points for the privelege.  As for the At-Home clock radio, Jess already bought me a Bose sound system for my iPod, so not only don’t I need this, she would be really pissed off if I got it.

JESUS this is BOUSHY!Lenox 9-Piece Pizza Serve Set- 2681 Points

I suppose if we ever have the Queen of England over to play my sweet ass Wii, we could hook her up with some pizza served off this Lenox 9-piece serve set.  I don’t get how you need 9 Pieces to serve pizza.  Shit I barely use the box, and I know cuz I housed a large pan pizza from Pizza Hut last night by myself.  Didn’t need no fancy tray, no sir.


Nintendo DS- 3250 Points

This was my backup item, originally, my safety school if you will, when I thought I might not be able to reach the 6250 points necessary for the Wii.  Too bad, just like the Wii, IT is also now out of stock.  It’s a shame too, I really wanted to pick up a Nintendog Bulldog and name it Gus since there’s no way in hell I’m going to be getting a real bulldog anytime soon.  Besides their $2K price tag, I’d have to find an apartment building on a budget that’s cool with canines.  Good luck.

DVD PlayerAudioVox 7″ inch Portable DVD Player – 3750 Points

I suppose the next step in Half Ninja’s digital evolution would be one of these things.  I don’t quite know what I’d do with it besides watch porno movies in hotel rooms.  But it’s got two headphone jacks so  a Buddy can watch too.  I guess that’s convenient depending upon your purpose.  These things can’t be more than a hundred bucks or so though, so I don’t think drinking $2000 worth of Coke is much of a deal.  Who knows. And of course the last on the list, the least attainable is the Nintendo Wii.  I’ve pictured it on this website before, and you know what it looks like, but here it is again:


There it is in all its “OUT OF STOCK” glory.  Fucking Wii.  I’m going to hold out until it comes back into the redeemable queue, that or all this other cool shit starts disappearing whichever comes first.  I hope all the people who won the Wii aren’t going to come back for the games before I get my grubby little hands on them.  That would be unacceptable.

What do YOU want from My Coke Rewards?  What are YOU saving up for?  Let me know in the comments, maybe me and my 3199 points can STEAL it 😉 



~ by chrismcdevitt on July 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “My Coke Rewards Wishlist”

  1. Yo boy, build up joo list using free mycokerewards codes theres a few left.

  2. I would like to have the Queen over for Pizza.

  3. Having the Queen of England over for tea is cool and all…but having Queen over for tea would be WAY cooler.

  4. well if you save all the way up to 18000 points there is a pretty cool Coca Cola mini fridge that holds 80 cans of the stuff

  5. Yeah I’ve been getting all my codes at , they’re posting hundreds of points a day. I’ve been quick to get some, but its still like a rush even if you think you got to them first someone else may have been faster.

  6. Wii, Im only 400 points away which is 4 days for me

  7. AT least you have enjoyed the prizes you’ve received. It seems most of the awards I’ve received have been broken or damaged. I have the Coke Remote controlled truck which did not work. I fine contacting Coke very hard and when you do they ignore you. Any ideas?

  8. i just started today when i finally got the smart idea to actually USE my coke rewards…lol i only have like 20 some though XP Aren’t any good prizes anymore though. Hope you find something you like.

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