Those Coke Codes Keep On Coming…

Coke Pointy GoodnessWell it’s July 23rd, and there are officially 161 days remaining in the point entering period on  As of this morning’s entering period, i.e, before 12pm today.  I have 3042 points.  I’m 83 point shy of being halfway to the Wii I set out to win on May 8th.  Unfortunately the Wii is currently out of stock.  So is the Nintendo DS at only 3250, a much more attainable prize for my coke loyalty.


And quite frankly, I’m suffering a little bit of crisis of conscience.  I hate not achieving goals.  I’ve never minded rejection, or even disappointment, but failure is probably the most aggravating thing on the planet.  I set out to do the impossible over 2000 coke caps entered 10 at a time in a little over 220 days.  No room for error, no room for failure; and I’ve been on track, this whole time.  Thanks to promotional codes, and online opportunities like this one from Papa John’s, I’ve managed to get almost halfway to where I want to be with over 160 days remaining.  It’s in my grasp, and then, it’s not.  What to do?  What to do?  Do I wait foolheartedly hoping that the Wii will come back into stock, or even the DS, or do I redeem for some cooler but smaller prizes.  Will the Wii be returned to stock, or will I watch as each and every worthwhile prize is slowly taken down by other less savvy competitors, and I’m left with coke bottle salt and pepper shakers and film cells from Hudson Hawk?

What would you do?  What would Jesus do?  More importantly, what the fuck should I Do?

I’ve got a drawer full of these caps.  Not to mention the shoebox full of of caps that i’ve already entered and are ‘retaining for my records’ as the rules of the contest state.



~ by chrismcdevitt on July 23, 2007.

27 Responses to “Those Coke Codes Keep On Coming…”

  1. Well, clearly Jesus would keep splitting coke bottles so that one bottle would be come a thousand and change. Probably with enough for you to drink for a week after the reaching your target. And then, once he won, he’d moon walk on the surface of the nearest available source of standing water, just because he could.

    Sounds like a lot of hassle for a “reward”. I don’t think these things are meant to be won, they’re meant to sell coke products…

  2. Well sorry to hear about your Wii troubles I’m in the exact same boat as you are, lots of people must of whored the Papa Johns because they ran out within a month from 0-9 and a-z. I currently have 2973 after today, I could of had more but I entered in some 3 pointers instead of just whoring the last 40 of my Papa John codes 😦 my friend has 166 left on my email server and he got a Wii for free without ever entering a single code. I’m not sure if you know about the 25 point sign up “hack” thing but now thats blocked as well. Just like you I was so close to the half way point and right up on the DS, and now no more codes and now they’re both out of stock 😦 My friend says they will restock but for some reason I kinda have doubts about it. Well anyway if you wanna talk more hit me up, I too have no idea what to do. The only solution I have is kinda crappy 😦

  3. Have faith. It will all be okay. Worst case scenario you buy the Wii and get the games for freezies.

  4. yea i am in the same position. i have been saving forever, and the day i get 6250 points, it is outa stock.. sucks. now i have almost 8000 points. i really hope they restock the wii, if not i’m never drinking coke again

  5. To chrismcdevitt: Hey Chris, I’m sure people have hit you up already, but if you’re sitting on a drawer full of caps waiting for the Wii to restock, and feel like being generous with 100 points +/- (I’m not greedy) I would be ever so grateful. In any case, keep the faith – you’ll get a Wii – I know it. Stephanie (you can reply to me at: THANKS!

  6. Hey guys. I was wondering if i could get any donations with some codes? my girlfriends birthday is coming up and she really wants a DS and im sort of close and any codes you guys could GENEROUSLY give me would be appreciated beyond belief just email them to…. Even if i don’t thank you guys so much for even reading this… Dylan

  7. hey everbody. i will trade papa johns promo codes for coke codes. i don’t care if they are 3 point or 10 point. just send them to me at
    and also this is not a scam. for your trust if you are intrested in getting papa john promo codes just tell me by me e-mail..,
    i wil send you the promo codes to papa john’s. you can send the coke codes after you get the promo codes, or you can do this the other way. you send me coke codes, and i send you papa johns promo codes. .
    P.A : there are some free pizza promo codes too. .

  8. Dude Vist this site and you will see unlimited coke codes UNUSED! just go to the side that says mycokerewards and there will be a discription telling you what to do! best of all no catch! Just Vist

  9. Does anyone know if the codes expire or perhaps others are generating the codes with some sort of program, because I have some codes which I know I entered right that do not work.

  10. There are a few codes, that I’ve found that don’t work. It may be that the grocery store sold you an old coke.

    Many packages will say MyCokeRewards, but if it’s from the 2006-March 2007 coke rewards, THOSE codes will not work anymore.

  11. its august 31 2007 no wii will it be back or not ?? sitting on over 7,000 points one day before i got to the 6250 it went outta stock !!

  12. So far it doesn’t look like it’s coming back. I’ll be surprised if it does.

  13. thats what im thinking as it has been removed from the prizes that pisses me off all that work so close and then nothing !!

  14. an email i got back from coke

    Thank you for contacting We appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding this issue.

    We appreciate your participation in the My Coke Rewards program and understand that it is frustrating when an item for which you have been saving points is no longer available. However, the availability of the rewards varies daily due to supply and demand. It would be difficult to speculate on the future availability of a reward but the website is updated daily, so we suggest that you check back often.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us again.



  15. i see they put ds’s back on there maybe there is hope for the wii ??

  16. my email is please send my some codes me and my frend matt r tryin to get a cammera

  17. If offered a dictionary, I would gladly get it for you, Jeremy.

  18. my cokerewards is going to end???

  19. i have heard it over dec 31 st anyone else here that ?? i hope they put some good prizes what a bunch of crap on there now !!

  20. used points on the football fanatics stuff good deals and really fast shippping

  21. any ideas when this is over ?? coke bottles with an expiration date of may of 2008 still have the caps on them ??

  22. It is over as of December 31st, 2007. You’ll have about one month to claim any prizes with your balance, and then this round of My Coke Rewards will be OVER.

  23. two friends of mine are telling me that got an email from coke saying that the can keep entering points that the rewards program is going on into next year ?? i didnt get the email anyone else get this email ??

  24. its jan 1 2008 i was able to put in codes today ?? i wonder if its going to end or are the going on ??

  25. Yeah it pisses me off that the wii isn’t on there so i went out and bought 1

  26. ….how bout, you jus buy the wee…if you think about it, u just spent a $1.50 for every coke that you drank that year, u said you had 2000 bottle caps, so that averages to about 3000$ you’ve spent just to get a goddamn wii that only cost around $300-$400, like wtf dude

  27. I own a Wii. I have since August of last year. I happen to drink a lot of coke. So it’s worth it for me.

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