Apparently, Ja Rule Can Still Get Arrested In This Town.

Make Em Say UGH, My Career's Over.I couldn’t believe it, when I logged on today and saw that over the weekend Ja Rule had been pulled over in a speeding sedan and found in a car with a .40 Caliber Handgun.    Why did they arrest him?  Obviously if Ja Rule was in a car with two other guys and a pistol, the police were probably interupting a kidnapping attempt by the two dumbest kidnappers in history.  Who gives a shit about Ja Rule anymore, his career is over.  50 Cent killed it. Revived it. Then killed it again.  Trust me, he’s over.  The guy is doing sequels to Steven Seagal movies that don’t even have Steven Seagal IN THEM.

To check out the complete article on Ja Rule’s Arrest, click HERE.

Ja Rule and Lil Wayne have been arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon in separate incidents, police said.

The best-selling rappers were arrested Sunday night shortly after Lil Wayne’s concert at the Beacon Theatre. It wasn’t immediately clear whether Ja Rule had also performed.

The best part of this is that Ja Rule hadn’t even performed with Lil Wayne that night.  According to the reports he might have, but it wasn’t immediately clear.  Could the reporter have not just simply asked one of the concertgoers whether he had or not?  I’m guessing he didn’t, since just out of curiosity I googled “Ja Rule Concert Dates” to see what he had coming up.  Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised.  Click Here to see Ja’s Concert Dates on   or HERE to see his dates on

I’ll wait.   Did you enjoy clicking the links?  Good, because there ISN’T SHIT THERE.  His career is over.  He’s played out.  He couldn’t get a featuring credit on a Kidzbop Volume 10 CD.  Andy Milonakis could put out a rap CD and outsell Mr. Rule.  It’s over.  The only plus side to this whole thing is that while people remember and can’t stand Ja Rule, the other rapper’s arrest was followed by a chorus of Lil Who?

Perhaps they can both find a European Soccer Star and gaymarry him.  What the hell it worked for Posh Spice, didn’t it?



~ by chrismcdevitt on July 23, 2007.

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