Philly’s Most Mangled on the Kidd Chris Show

On the way back from Wildwood, NJ, after our two day stint at The Casba Comedy Club I stopped by to do a little Six O’ Clock Segment on the Kidd Chris Show.  It was supposed to be a 5:30 segment, but torrential rain and traffic kept me away from the building til 5:34, and the receptionist kept me away from the studio until 5:45.  Fucking people.  Still it was a good time, I’m sure the podcast is up.  More importantly, during my time in the booth, a new contestant showed up for the Philly’s Most Mangled contest.  His name was Kevin, and he had, what I like to call a Flipper Hand.  I don’t know why, since Flipper didn’t have hands, and this guy at least had an opposable thumb, but fuck him, that’s what I labeled the photos as when I saved them, so that’s who he is, FlipperHand.

Look out

Ever the sissy, Thomas shrank back in fear at the thought of being touched by Mr. FlipperHand, so much so that he ran halfway around the studio to get away.

Awww man...

Still being the Halfninja trooper that he is, you’ll notice his half asian ass has a digital camera in his hand.  These people NEVER stop taking pictures.  Unless they’re going to get a Shiatsu massage from a cripple.

Ooooh, that's the spot.

In the end, the guy was actually really cool.  This contest is about building up, not tearing down.  He was born with that lil Flipper arm, he doesn’t know any better, so he has no sense of adversity when it comes to his handicap, the crazy fuck even drives a stick shift car.  You gotta respect that kind of insanity.

Ah, and finally, acceptance

There were also videos taken, but you’ll have to wait for Thomas and his own sweet time to put those up, I’m sure when they’re ready they’ll be on or, check em both out, they’re well worth the click.


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 19, 2007.

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