Beetlejuice at the Club Casba


If there’s one thing you can say for the little fella, he causes excitement wherever he goes.  Hanging out with him can try your patience if you’re not careful, but goddamn is he one funny man.  The best part is watching people who don’t know the deal try to comprehend just why he’s been talking about finding a finger in his salad for the past twenty minutes, or why every noun in his sentences is followed by “and shit”. I’m speaking of course about Beetlejuice, not Pat House.

Beetlejuice and Casba Club Owner, Mark

Everybody and shit wants their picture and shit taken with Beet and shit, even the club owner and shit.  Everybody.  From Fanboys …..I told this guy I'd email him the photo but then I lost his address.

…to Tran-boys…

Michaela stopped by.

If you’re willing to listen, he’ll tell you all about his bad heart and how the Rev. Bob Levy is trying to kill him with his exhaustive tour schedule.

Well, he is a KILLER of Comedy

Beet, Bob and the rest of the Killers of Comedy will be hitting up the Lehigh Valley on July 28th.  So why not stop by and check it out if you’re in the area?  Even little Eddie McGonigal is going to be there, having a few belts.

Pat House probably will not be there.

It’ll be a good time, I’m probably going and I won’t even be performing, but I never miss a chance to hang out around the fun magnet that is a Killers of Comedy show.  That and if I don’t do interesting things, I don’t have anything to blog about.  Nobody wants to see pictures of my feet again.  Right?  I got one more blog entry to do, and then I’m catching up on some sleep debt I incurred this week.  Until the next entry, smoke ’em if you got ’em.

I really should quit.


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Beetlejuice at the Club Casba”

  1. The look on Beetle’s face in the pic with Mick is priceless..hes like “God..get this THING away from me”

  2. I love the pic of Beetle at the bar with his head in his hands. Priceless. Beetle is the best! Excellent photos.

  3. Beet is the man…END OF STORY!

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