O & A Thursday Morning — Part Two

Well, it’s Saturday morning, and the whole “Bomb on the Radio” situation is much better now. As of last night HalfNinja.com is fully operational with working camera and laptop. I’ve got enough batteries to take self-aggrandizing photos for a few months, and a 17-in-1 memory card reader to get them off the camera that Thomas broke. So things are looking up. Anyway, they’ve got a great bunch of photos from O&A’s two days in Philly on the WYSP website.

Here are a few of the ones they took, There are a BUNCH MORE on the website.


Pat House’s  hanger joke killed as per usual and he even managed to slip a “Fuck” into his set between Bruce Springsteen and Guns N’ Roses.


Geno Bisconte rocked the microphone for a bit, garnering the haha’s and even managing to drop the “Cunt” bomb on the air before the Dump Button struck back,  ultimately garnering second place in the contest.  If something unfortunate happens to Ed like naked pictures on the internet or a glue trap, then Geno’s your man.


Here’s your Winna!  Ed McGonigal, who dropped one of the best sets I’ve ever seen that morning.  Along with stories of his hooker fetishes, free house, and tiny Wrangler Jeans, Ed swept the contest and the opening spot at the Virus tour.  Congratulations, Ed.

Wokka Wokka

If Ed swept the competition I’m surprised they didn’t make me sweep the floor after everyone was done in the O&A Cafe.  While it’s important to my ego to point out that I didn’t have the worst set in the competition that day, I did have the worst set out of any of the people that could call themselves semi-professional.  Ugh.  I should have dressed the part, here, I look like my set sounded.

Kohler like the toilet.

This poor girl, Katie Kohler, got it worse than anyone, after her set.  During her set, they had the courtesy to listen, but Norton said some of the most awful things after she was done.  I couldn’t believe she took it as well as she did.  Very big congratulations to her on having Body Armor for Self Esteem.


Brendan Kennedy came out of nowhere and surprised the fellas with a Great Set.  I didn’t hear it, I was on my way to the car at the point that he went up, but I heard it many times later on the replay.  Congratulations on making the final four and possibly earning a shotgun audition on the Kidd Chris Show, Brendan.


Benny Michaels looking just as nervous as I felt, we were all in the back of the room trying to drown our butterflies in bagels and apple juice.  How romper room is that?

It's D.O.!

Danny Ozark rounded out the final four comedians.  He got a great response from the boys in the booth, and made an excellent showing for himself.  It’s the Year of the Goldman, look out!

There are plenty of more photos from O&A’s visit to Philadelphia available HERE but these are the only ones that involved my friends, so go find your own.  Later.


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 14, 2007.

One Response to “O & A Thursday Morning — Part Two”

  1. Great pictures and post chief! Glad you aren’t being as hard on yourself as before. I see alot of hacks in the improv world and you more class then them. Looking forward to hearing your random call ins.

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