10 Free Coke Rewards Points

  Thanks to Papa John’s and their summer promotion, you can now score 10 Free My Coke Rewards Points for registering in their Summer Giveaway Promotion.  It’s pretty simple, you just sign up with an email address, fill out the contact info, and then submit.  They’ll give you a chance to win Papa John’s Giveaways, Coke Rewards Points, and other whatnots.  You won’t win, I don’t know anyone who has.  But you can try once per day, and maybe eventually you’ll get some points or something.  The cool thing is that about an hour after you register they email you a code worth 10 points.  I don’t know if it’s a one time deal or a once per day one.  We’ll see I guess.  Either way, it’s another 10 free points, and your good friend Chris is telling you about it, by way of another Half Ninja, Shane.

I’m still in pursuit of the Wii, it is within my grasp.  But I need your help.  You can email me codes at chris@chris-mcdevitt.com or you can myspace them to me, HERE.  I got a fat sack of three days worth of codes from Jess last night.  She’s a great girlfriend.  You can be my girlfriend.  Okay well probably not, but you can be my cokefriend.


Why not?  This shoebox ain’t filling itself up.  Big Props to Cheryl!  She hooked a ninja up with about 100 points via US Mail.  Of course, that’s because I trust her enough to give her my real address.  And Slightly Smaller but consistent props to Ron Fin, who keeps texting me his Coke Codes whenever he gets them.

Halfninjas on the loose, ya’ll.


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 10, 2007.

115 Responses to “10 Free Coke Rewards Points”

  1. thanks!

  2. I’ve been trying to find out how long it would take to recieve movie tickets if I get them from mycokerewards.com? If it’s not too much of a problem, would you mind e-mailing me at tricksy_84@yahoo.com

    Thank you,

  3. I won 200 coke points :)!!!!! thanks

  4. Congratulations C… I guess it really does work. 200 My Coke Rewards points, that’s pretty sweet… I haven’t won shit yet.

  5. All I got was a code for a free coke product from Pa-pa Johns…where’s the points???

  6. The code for the points will be emailed to whatever address you signed up with, in about an hour. Be patient, Matt. It works.

  7. I won 250 coke rewards points

  8. I still haven’t won shit, and now it appears that you don’t get the 10 point code when you register…


  9. What’s up with PAPA Johns? They don’t email you the 10 points anymore lol….. anyone know of any other site that’s giving free points? or an easy way to get points? (not drinking coke? lol)

  10. I thought the promotion wasn’t supposed to end until August 27, I have emailed them to find out what is going on.

  11. They don’t give out points anymore nor does coke the new coke promos says they have all been redeemed. If any one knows or new coke codes please email me at scott998800@hotmail.com and if your wanting event tickets in return i can help you out for free.

  12. often times coke will only okay like 50,000 codes or 500,000 codes, and then once they’ve been redeemed the promotion is over. That’s what happened with a few of their magazine ads and stuff. If more people use a promo code than actual promotions are out there, they know something is up and they close the loophole. The real question is What Is Up With These Codes Not Valid For Promotion coke caps… I’ve found two in just 24 hours…


  13. can u send me some codes plez

  14. i just got 10 points

  15. Congratulations… it’s quick and easy…
    Glad I could help.

  16. Can some one plzz e-mail me some codes
    e-mail: anonymouskid64@gmail.com

  17. can you send me some codes at azjon123@gmail.com

  18. Can some one send me codes? I’ve been at this for a while and only have 220 points. I drink a ton of coke, too….

  19. Please send any unused codes to pc9mar15iam@yahoo.com

  20. Can you please send codes i’m trying to saveup for the acoustic guitar. I only have 316 points so far but send them to becker_joey@yahoo.com

    Thank You

  21. email me sum im trying to get ghostrecon for my bros ps2 so i need lots…i have 151 points and need 1000 send the big ones plz email em to hillukka10_2013@hotmail.com


  22. i need them desprately, i need 49 points

  23. my e-mail is jforsberg3@stny.rr.com , plz e-mail me enough codes for 49 points or as many as u’ve got, i need them ASAP

  24. Come on now, 49 points is 19 20 oz bottles. I’m pretty sure you can buy 19 cokes yourself between now and December 31st.

  25. my E mail is zeo197@yahoo.ca please send me 10 points

  26. PLZ send me some codes i only have 33 points and ive done this like almost a week now!any codes at all is appreciated!

  27. oh and my email is jaren430@yahoo.com!!

  28. Hey could you email me as many points as possible to mcrpointswanted@gmail.com

  29. I have all the points I need for wii. then it went out of stock because i can only enter 10 a day. now it’s back in stock. but i still have about 30 more days of entering codes. hopefully it won’t go out of stock again before then.
    my hint is a little late, but regal cinemas had promotional medium cups for hairspray the movie and each cup had 10 coke points. that’s how i got my points. but it helped that both i and my wife are assistant managers at regal.

  30. That’s cool man, I’m a Regal Rewards card holder… I should have thought of that, but I wanted NOTHING to do with the movie Hairspray.

  31. hey im 13 and i didnt win but please email me for codes at Flaredevil55@hotmail.com

  32. Hi, I am trying for a big prize and need codes for my coke rewards. Please help me out with any codes possible. my email is jeffmindy@netzero.net. Thanks for the tips!!!

  33. i am looking for codes also if you have any to spare e-mail me at sweetbabyangel51688@yahoo.com

  34. I work at a movie theater, the Hairspray rewards cups had ten points apiece. Collected over 500 points in a shift, have 745 after two. The promotion’s over though, but check the Regal theater in your area. Know a fellow employee who started collecting points at the beginning of the promotion, has over 10k points!!

    –I won’t be back here, but good luck to everyone!


  36. omg! i just found tis site on freewebs, it gives you free codes! i just got 50 free unused codes for coke!! omg this is crazy!! heres the link,


    omg go there and do what it says and you can get so many free codes, and its free!

  37. can i please have some


  38. hey everbody. i will trade papa johns promo codes for coke codes. i don’t care if they are 3 point or 10 point. just send them to me at ajayscariaks@hotmail.com.
    and also this is not a scam. for your trust if you are intrested in getting papa john promo codes just tell me by me e-mail..
    i wil send you the promo codes to papa john’s. you can send the coke codes after you get the promo codes, or you can do this the other way. you send me coke codes, and i send you papa johns promo codes.
    P.A : there are some free pizza promo codes too. .

  39. hey everbody. i will trade papa johns promo codes for coke codes. i don’t care if they are 3 point or 10 point. just send them to me at ajayscariaks@hotmail.com.
    and also this is not a scam. for your trust if you are intrested in getting papa john promo codes just tell me by me e-mail..,
    i wil send you the promo codes to papa john’s. you can send the coke codes after you get the promo codes, or you can do this the other way. you send me coke codes, and i send you papa johns promo codes. .
    P.A : there are some free pizza promo codes too. .

  40. I am trying to get the most entries for a sweepstakes, please send codes, thanks

  41. didnt work…

  42. I love papa johns pizza

  43. hey people im trying to get some caps and points to get stuff for my 5 year old son maybe some of you can help me out thanks

  44. nhbgvcfgfcftc

  45. are you sure that coke reward is put in correctly? it didn’t work

  46. Hey all I am sending phone cards to Iraq for the troops and I myself just recently got back and the cards i got were a big help so if you can spare Coke points then send them to me in an e-mail PS iI have a trade working for the points as they do not offer them on MYCoke Thanks for any help

  47. Hi i need 23 more points anyone please send me some unused coke codes to meetpatel13@yahoo.com. please. even 1 code would be appreciated thanks.

  48. check out: http://points.darksideinc.org/ They give away 10 points every hour ..about 200 per day free. Must redister and be quick. They can only be used once. Happy Hunting. B

  49. please email codes to suganspice1342@aim.com

  50. hi i need 100 unsed my coke reward codes please send theme to this email shirlenewilson@att.net even 2 code would be appreciated thanks.

  51. So you would like 100 codes but you will settle for 2? Well isn’t that awesome of you.

  52. here,s hoping

  53. hay i love points

  54. points points………

  55. I was wondering if anybody had coke codes they are not using, can you please send them to ajayscariaks@hotmail.com. I would be very grateful.

  56. I am begging for 1 or 2 codes please.
    wwrite to karatejason8@aol.com

  57. send my an email at gmsnyj1247@hotmail.com if you have any “call your play” codes from the pepsi promotion……i will give u a 25 pt “mycokerewards” flap for every 12 “call your play” codes…..please help me=]….the promotion ends in 2 weeks so please hurry

  58. Some one said an another blog. That the rules state that you have to keep proof of your codes for 60 days after you redeme for reward. Is there any thing to that, or is that rumor?

  59. Yeah, you have to hold onto them for 90 days, but I have yet to hear of them challenging anyone’s possession of codes. I have a literal ‘shitload’ of caps and flaps saved. Just for fun, I couldn’t pull a single code out of them to ‘verify’ ownership of it, as I have thousands of caps in a little basket.

  60. Hey Guys, when I need more codes, (that is when I run low of my own) I go to the local recycling center. I just got back, spent afout 15 min picked up 106 extra points. Just a thought. Put a little action with your wishes, you will see it faster.

  61. A great suggestion if you don’t mind picking through garbage.

  62. Their is no “garbage” at recycling center just recycables. It is a trade off. I take my empty coke bottles, cans, news papers, ect. and while I am there I look for coke boxes. But I would like to get some current promo codes.

  63. can someone please send me some codes to my email – SiNGLEHEARTBEATS@aol.com

  64. can someone send me codes to my email – redsoxnate@carolina.rr.com
    i really need codes i want to win a sweepstakes really badly

  65. i need free mycoke rewards codes i dont care how many send to my email at ellisj45@yahoo.com thanks!

  66. please can anyone send me just a few codes? i got like 200 and im savin up for somethin for my moms b-day :). plz send to jasonhedin@gmail.com thanks

  67. Double points for all brands/packages will be active on Friday, January 4, 2008 from 12:01 am ET to 11:59 pm ET.

  68. Please send me some free codes at cowgirl_hick4life@yahoo.com

  69. hi people i am trying get points get some things that my kids would like. the more the better at first i was giving to toys for tot and that is over. so i am trying get stuff my family

  70. brooke.p email is lovingmother3000@yahoo.com

  71. Free MyCokeRewards Codes at geocities.com/mclaughlin.2020/Free_MyCokeCodes

  72. GET MORE COKE REWARDS HERE!!! http://tinyurl.com/32oawk

  73. Please send me some coke codes..I need 25 more


  74. can anyone send me coke rewards please ive been trying soo hard . ive been looking in peoples recycle bins and everything and its really hard but it would help if someone can send me some because i only have a little points and im trying to get my kid the 30″ teddie bear . if u can email me with the code it would help thanks alot .. HalfWhiteAnAzn@yahoo.com

  75. waynegentner@yahoo.com

  76. send me pointz now!!! acezwild11@yahoo.com

  77. give me some damn coke points jaglo87@yahoo.com

  78. e-mail some codes at ewall19@yahoo.com

  79. Can some one get me some points, anyone?

  80. send codes at rof223@aim.com

  81. please kindly send me some codes at hellosmarty92@yhaoo.com


  82. Can someone help me out please!! with free points to start me off, just got back to working after a 6mo. layoff!!

  83. need help getting codes please email me at chriswilliams668@yahoo.com

  84. i need help getting codes is what i tried saying at chriswilliams668@yahoo.com

  85. could anyone be nice enough to give me some codes, doesnt matter how many points, i just want some points.. thnks so much! my email is xoobabiigirll@aim.com

  86. Hi it I made my bro real mad at me and I know he loves these my coke reward things, i wanna try to get some points for him but i dont drink coke cuz my parents dont let me, can some1 please help if this isnt to much to ask. Thanks- Jaale

  87. hey i really need a new computer and cant afford it right now, if any one has any coke codes laying around that their not using if you could send them to greatgown@yahoo.com that would make my day thanks

  88. send me some code at Lucajsmostfinest@aim.com

  89. hey if youve got any random points its not that hard to email me them at thequiettoucan@yahoo.com

  90. leave me some of your random coke codes that are just lying around at

  91. leave me some of your random coke codes that are just lying around at officernasty1@yahoo.com

  92. what do i click on for this papa johns code giving thing

  93. Been doing the reward thing and it’s actually fun..went to a festival last night, picked about 30 pts. i have around 600 pts..whats the biggest proze one can win?

  94. so i lost a few hundred points when i was out of town. i didnt know they expire. it sucks, i have to start over again.

  95. […] you can get free points herehttps://halfninja.wordpress.com/2007/07/1… […]

  96. Hello to all I have a few codes to share with you
    All are 3pts each.
    Hopes this helps you out

  97. Hey thats alot of points. if ne one can help me out that would be cool. i just found all these ppl getting free promo points but i was to late for ne myself. If ne one can send some my way or something that would be cool overtakinsadness@aim.com is my email

  98. Please send me some codes that have not used.

  99. dude got some new codes

  100. hi i need free points and i have 20 right now and really going for 300 so if u could txt me codes at 4239630499 or email me at daddydoctor123@yahoo.com. also check out my youtube profile. daddydoctor123 is the channel name

  101. hi

  102. can i get as many codes as possible thank you.

  103. can i get as many codes as possible.
    thank you.

  104. can i have some codes please

  105. If you have any unused coke reward points, I could really use them, my email is cindy2490@hotmail.com

  106. I dont play the McDonalds Monopoly game online, so for FREE I will post McDonalds Monopoly Codes for you just like the Coke Rewards I post for FREE here on Fhogo.com.


  108. Check out this blog post for free coke reward points: http://ryandillman.com/2009/11/26/how-to-get-free-coke-reward-points/

  109. send codes to lukasayers@yahoo.com plz

  110. hook it up with some coke rewards


  112. excellent post. was looking for rewards point too.

  113. my email is clover9@live.com please send me points

  114. i have 20 jars of those codes been savin up for 3 years now im gonna make an account and spend it all…PEACE

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