I thought Japs knew about electronics..

Bad News Fellow Half Ninjas,

There’ll be no more sweet ass pics from my life and times until I buy a memory card reader tomorrow.  You see, I’m sure a few of you have been anxiously awaiting the video of Rev. Bob Levy, Myself and Thomas arm wrestling the pre-op Transexual, Michaela; unfortunately, in a few fast attempts to get the video off my camera before we left the studio, Thomas jammed a variety of USB cables into the ‘pic shooter’ with no success.  Apparently, the reason it was unsucessful is that he jammed them in upside down, and fucked up the A/V out unit on the camera.

I'll kill you, Jappy :)

I got home, plugged in MY cable, and the sonofabitch ain’t recognized by the USB port anymore.  The most luck I had was an error saying that the camera was overdrawing power from the port.  After 45 minutes on the phone with tech support the Indian man going by the pseudonym Chuck determined it’s the camera and not the computer, as my flash drive and microphone headset both work in the same port.

My name is CHUCK, how can I help you?

So you’re going to have to wait a few more days for that video, as well as all the pics from the Coffee.Comedy show and my sweet ass trips to 3 different 7-11/Kwik-E-Marts today.

 My apologies,

— Chris McDevitt


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “I thought Japs knew about electronics..”

  1. how hard is it to look at a usb and tell how it goes in? the one side is wider then the other…

    damn japs…

  2. Idiot.

    Hope he pays for your damaged equipment.

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