My Coke Rewards: The Revenge of Coke

Well, it’s July 3rd, I’ve officially been entering my coke rewards codes for almost two full months (I began on 5/08/07).  By noon today I expect my total to be in the area of 1649 points.  I have so many coke caps and box tops on hand at this moment I can’t always be sure what have been entered and what haven’t.  To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get this far, and there’s still a long long way to go to the Wii.  Once I reach 2000, I think I’ll do a little end zone dance. 

I'm going to need a bigger shoebox.

Sure, 2000 points is less than a third of what I need, but it’s still an important milestone.  If I can do 2000 points in a little over two months, than I can assuredly do 4000 points in 5 months.  Which will be the only time I have left to get to my Wii.  I try not to have a quitter’s mentality, by eyeing up the Nintendo DS at a much more reachable 3500 points.  Still, there’s only so much Coke one man can stock pile.

My refrigerator is going to break.

This is not a gimmick or an act.  That is my refrigerator.  I can’t fit another coke product in it.  I know, I’ve tried.  The crispers, the doors, they’re all FULL!

There's some Coke in the Crisper

And this is just my basement refrigerator; my on-deck supply if you will.  I’ve got more in the ‘business’ refrigerator upstairs.

These went flat.

Some of the Coke products in my refrigerator aren’t even drinkable.  These bottles went flat in my girlfriend’s car before they could get to the protective lair of my basement.  I’m starting to dream about Coke products in my sleep.  I think the bottles and cans might stage a little Cabaret Show at night when no one is looking.  Like that pepsi can that sang and danced in the Golden Child.

Box tops

I could recycle a ream of paper out of my box tops, and still have the damn things all over my house.  I hope someone from Coke reads this, perhaps they need a comedian spokesperson.  Seriously, it’s becoming an issue.  I’ve got State Troopers collecting bottle caps from the side of the road while they work out, Film Students picking them out of trashbins at LAX, Comedians raiding their fridges, my girlfriend asking her professors not for extra credit but for their extra coke caps, it’s consuming me.  They better not run out of the Wii’s by the time I reach it.

If that happens I may just lose it entirely.


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 3, 2007.

29 Responses to “My Coke Rewards: The Revenge of Coke”

  1. They ran out of Wii’s. . I hope they get more. . I have 1830 points entered already. .

  2. As of this morning I have 2698 points entered… they better make with more Wiis or there’s going to be trouble.

  3. Yeah I have 2018 Entered as of today, and I have about 800 points sitting here to be entered. . I will be upset if they don’t get more.

  4. They have more Wii’s as of yesterday. . . I have 3331 points entered

  5. That’s great news, Kittie. The Nintendo DS is BACK TOO. So Far I have 3522 points or something like that. Also the Papa John’s promotion is back giving codes, so get back there with all the email addresses you have to
    and keep registering.

  6. You only get the code when you register right? Not everytime you enter the contest right?

  7. help me get points


  9. Haha, nice Joe. I drank them all. In fact my fridge is now bare. I drink a lot of coke. I don’t mind you calling me an asshole, I’d just like to thank you for having an honest opinion and not begging me for some coke codes.

    Thanks again.
    — Chris

  10. omg! i just found tis site on freewebs, it gives you free codes! i just got 50 free unused codes for coke!! omg this is crazy!! heres the link,
    omg go there and do what it says and you can get so many free codes, and its free!

  11. nice

  12. i need points

  13. [/quote] omg! i just found tis site on freewebs, it gives you free codes! i just got 50 free unused codes for coke!! omg this is crazy!! heres the link,
    omg go there and do what it says and you can get so many free codes, and its free![/quote]

    You douche bag that site is just a scam to steal you codes.

  14. Hey, good luck!
    I too have been stocking up on coke rewards caps, & box tops.. I’m only at 5730 & still going strong!
    Although, I have no clue what i’d like to get with all my points, but what is setting me off a little is that I can only enter 10 codes at a time.
    Best wishes! Larf

  15. Hi wazzup? i am 13 years old and i just started a mycokerewards account!!!! i am saving up for one of the big prizes which are a few thousand. right now i have about 30 points. i am just wondering if it would be possible for u to give me some of your points? i would greatly appreatite it!
    Please e-mail me at hamsterking13@yahoo
    Again thanks so much


  17. please i beg of you send me at least 20 mcr points at because i’m just starting out i just signed up yesterday

  18. Well, than, Ryan, you’re kinda fucked. I suggest you start again in April.

  19. and why is that?

  20. OK..I have had it….I’m up to the 6250 for the Wii….Turns out there was a mistake in the warning program. All it told me was that they were about to run out of 157 k5 snowboard 6 times…No Wii for me…

  21. i just started….help me out!!!! thxs

    To site owner.

    P.S. Currently I have 937 points.

  23. Go fuck yourself. It’s my blog and people can swear if they want.

  24. your a sad bastard collecting all those coke reward points mate ! why dont u just go and buy a wii? wouldnt that be cheaper overall. why do you see this as an achivement? dont you have anything better to do with your life?. no offence but dont you have a job. i must say though that this did make me laugh as i realised there really are some real sad bastards out there in life with nothing else to do than sit around collecting coke rewards. oh and another thing. do you get extreme shakes and havent you died of all the caffine intake yet?. isnt that kind of dangerous as caffine is a drug?.doesnt your girlfriend get bored of you sat there on the computer typing in coke codes, i bet days at your house are thrilling! i would much rather come to your house and watch you type in 2 million coke reward codes than spend a day at alton towers!! maybee that could be the next thing you sav for, but then you wont be able to go because you wouldnt have time for entering coke rewards codes. and another thing how the hell did you manage to save all that money for those bottles of coke? and what the hell possessed you to do it anyway? ARE YOU RETARDED BY ANYCHANCEE?

  25. HAHA at the comment above, thats crazy and tbh your spending more on the coke overall than it costs for a wii, do that math, wii’s are approx £170, a 2litre bottle cost £2 and you get 3 points. You need at least 4000 points so that is (4000/3) x 2 = £2666, a hell lot more then?

  26. Dear British Dickbags,
    This post was written in July of 2007. It is now February of 2009. I have owned a Wii since August of 2007. It was never about ‘not being able to afford it’. It was simply can I get something of value for free, for doing something I already do. I guess you’d have to understand how much soda I drink to get that. Either way it doesn’t matter. I don’t need ‘the math’ done for me. Nor do I need a lecture from someone so obviously disconnected from grammar, syntax, punctuation and proper spelling.

    And as for Sophie Louise, there’s a terrible irony in deriding me as a loser for entering 10 coke codes a day, while commenting on my blog. If that five minutes of code entering is such a waste of time and by default my life, how much of your life are you wasting as a ‘commenter’ on a blog. You’re not even a blogger. You’re a comment troll. How sad YOUR EXISTENCE must be. At least random123project has a website.

  27. (sings) My dick is bigger than your dick, your dick is smaller than a mouse. My dick smells like chicken, your dick smells like shit.

  28. i am pure fucking amazingness and i am on 10,226 points i found this site that genorates codes for you but it took me three days to find it lol good luck

  29. Hello I am just start the coke rewards. I have found some sites that give free codes but all no good already used. I am on a fixed income and trying for free pogo membership. If anyone had good unused codes please send them to me. My e-mail is I appreciate all that can help me.

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