Back To The Beach without Annette Funicello

Okay, it’s official.  I’m addicted to wasting large amounts of money on cheap shit.  I had this Friday off.  So I thought it would be nice to take Jess and go back to the Boardwalk without her little sister in tow.  I kept thinking of the lyrics to Jersey Girl:

`cause down the shore everything’s all right
You and your baby on a saturday night
You know all my dreams come true
When i’m walking down the street with you

 Alright, kinda gay, but McGonigal will appreciate it.  Plus I really wanted to go win that Stuffed Homer Simpson that her sister blocked me on by hogging all the points.  And I had a shitload of quarters from my run-in with Vic’s Vending.

Santa Gonna Pay What He Owe.

So we walked around a bit, found the arcade that had the Homers, and did the dirty dance with a few old friends.  Most notably, the New and IMPROVED Deal or No Deal.

We meet again, Machine.

Now instead of just 200, you can win 1000 tickets, and it costs 3.00 to play.  I ended up winning 8 tickets.  I suck at Deal or No Deal.  13 was the briefcase with the 1000 in it.  Who doesn’t pick 13 first?  Apparently not me.  But it didn’t matter cuz Jess and I got Players Club cards at the place instead of carting around a pocketful of quarters.  They really are quite convenient.

She got hers first, I just copied off her.

Astute readers may recognize my jacket in that photo.  She never has outerwear of her own.  Still, she kept up with me for quite awhile in the tickets department, and I totally spent at least 10 dollars more than her.  I dropped that before I ever went and got my own card.


It ain’t the best picture in the world, but that’s because I was in the middle of saying, “You take-a pitcha!” in my Chinaman voice.  Weird angle, there’s one where I look much better but it’s blurry as fuck.  Which is probably what makes me look so handsome.

I'm like bigfoot

So we tried our luck at the ‘ball dropping’ game, and apparently it’s much harder than it was on our previous visit.  We mostly stuck to Slots and Video Poker, like a couple of Benny Grandmas too cheap to get on the charter bus to AC.  We even carried our tickets around in those cheap plastic tubs.

I'm a grandma.

We agreed to play for ourselves and not share or combine tickets, however, once I reached my 4500 point goal, I gladly forked over the extra 950 points I had one to my lady love.  I just wanted the Homer, and I couldn’t help it that I hit 1000 tickets on a 5-credit Full House.  Plus, I figure what that really means is that a BJ goes for 950 points.  I wonder if the asian girls working the counter are aware of that?


Sure I spent $25 bucks on something I could have bought in Spencer’s for $20, but I had fun doing it, and it knocked another summertime couple activity out of the way.  Jess has the ‘credit stamp’ for about 5000+ points in her purse, so she’ll be getting a gigantic stuffed animal the next time we go back.  And we will be going back, because they have a Stuffed Bart there that I want next.  I’ve got problems, I know.


~ by chrismcdevitt on June 30, 2007.

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