And Lucifer Broke the Second Seal…

Awhile ago, I made a joke, that the child of Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy would most likely have to be killed with a silver bullet.  I always suspected that the Anti-Christ would have Mel B’s looks and Murphy’s laugh.  Little did I know that the joke would hold water.  There is no way a rational being can argue that the end times didn’t begin with the birth of this child.  Sure you can call me crazy, but then you may not know the terrifying news.

You gotta get with my friends.

The Spice Girls are REUNITING.  They’re planning a charity show and then a UK tour after Emma Bunting (Baby Spice) shit’s out her hellspawn.  Tell me Posh Spice doesn’t look like Skeletor with Tits.

By the Power of GREYSKULL!

Mark my words.  First the Birth of Scary Murphy, Then the Reunion of the Five Horsewomen; when Baby Spice has her child the seas will most likely run red with Blood.  Get your crucifixes and silver bullets ready.  The war’s a coming.


~ by chrismcdevitt on June 29, 2007.

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  1. Very good article. Keep up the great work. Thanks again, Roberto

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