My Anniversary…Err, OUR Anniversary

Went out for ice

If you’re going to be in a relationship for any length of time, you have to realize that nothing is yours anymore.  It’s ours.  By that I don’t mean yours and mine, I mean yours and hers.  There’s still a hers.  There’s just no longer a yours.  Follow?  Don’t ask me what happens with Lesbian couples, I just can’t fathom that.  I’m digressing.

My girlfriend, Jess, and I just celebrated our two year anniversary this past weekend.  June 24th.  That’s the date.  Although, we really started counting on June 23rd, but it was after midnight so the 24th it became.  I believe I actually convinced her of this so that I could uphold a prior commitment the first year, and now, it haunts me.  I had to turn down two gigs for this anniversary.  Which is odd, since it was a Sunday and normally nobody wants you to do comedy on a Sunday.  Apparently except for the towns of Hoboken, NJ and New Hope, PA.  Go figure.   I digress again.  It was an awesome weekend.  Levy was nice enough to let us stay in his room Friday night after the comedy show.  King size bed, overlooking the pool, awesome except for the funky smell and the barely functioning air conditioning.  The nighttime view was pretty cool.


I tried the next morning to get a photo of the boobmarks on the glass, but the flash just would not work.  It looked like I was throwing another one of my famous HADOKKENS.

I will streetfighter YOUR ASS

Like I said, that was Friday Night into Saturday Night, Saturday Night you’ve already read about.  So let’s skip to the actual anniversary, Sunday.  We went to the Outback.

The Outback

The highlight of this trip was how confused the Host was that I would take a picture of their building.

“Did you just, um, take a picture of this place.”



“I’m a Blogger.”


“I take pictures of everything and write about my life and my…”

“Leave the man alone and SEAT THE PEOPLE!” said the host’s boss, and with that he was left to wonder forever exactly what a blog is and what a blogger does.  That or he just went to wikipedia that night like everyone else.  If I had to guess, a sense of humor is not a requirement to work at the Outback.  In fact, I don’t have to guess, since everyone who works at the Outback think these Outback Coasters are funny.

This is what passes for humor at the outback

You know what’s funny?  That Jess’s arms are crossed like this to hide the barbecue sauce she got all over her anniversary outfit.  She still looked good though, and thanks to the A1, her luscious rack was also tangy.  MMMM.

Jess looking lovely

I didn’t look too bad myself, if I say so myself, and I do, I do all the time.  I clean up pretty good.

Me looking Aight!

We had a nice dinner, and jetted back to my mom’s house, and my superman bed to be alone.  Along the way though we took in the Sunset at 65mph.  I tried to capture it without swerving lanes, but I couldn’t do it justice.  Sunset at 65mph

Jess got me a copy of Dean Koontz’s The Good Guy for our anniversary, I’m almost done with it, I’ll post a book review up in a few days. That’s right, I can read. I enjoy it too. Go fuck yourself 🙂


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One Response to “My Anniversary…Err, OUR Anniversary”

  1. Nice blog. I know what you mean about everything being “ours” when you’re in a relationship. The guy I’m dating keeps eating all my strawberrry mentos, and I try to tell him some things are “mine,” but whatever. Anyhow, I like your blog. Very funny shit.

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