My Coke Rewards: The American Dream

It has been 50 days since I began My Coke Rewards quest for the Wii.  It’s going to be a much longer road, I think my initial math said it would be about 158 days longer.  But taking some various things into consideration that road could stretch a little longer.  I haven’t managed to keep the pace that I would like.  It’s taxing.  However, I probably have come farther or as far as anyone else in the contest who doesn’t own a vending machine company.

Screen Shot

1229 points from 5/8/07-6/26/07.  I’m currently waiting for 12pmEST to strike so I can enter today’s 37 points.  1 10-pointer and 9 3-pointers.  I’m the Kobe of Coke Zero when it comes to Three Pointers.

Swish  I’ve got about 5000 and some change coke rewards points left to go before I get my Wii.  I’m not ready to quit, but I will say that I’ve been eyeing up the Nintendo DS in case I fall about 3000 points short.  I’m not sure whether I’d enjoy it or not, but Goddammit, I didn’t drink all these coke products not to walk away with something real f’in cool.  I don’t even care if it’s an inflatable kayak.  My Coke Rewards has consumed much of my 2007.  Damn them and their commercials before each feature film that I go to.  This is the grown up version of that greeting card scam that used to be pimped on the back of every Marvel comic book in America.  Still, I’ve found ways to get creative in my points earning, and in hindsight, seen opportunities that I missed.  I’m not just talking about dumpster diving on recyclables night in the suburbs.  I haven’t slipped quite that far from my dignity yet.  Though I did fetch one bottle from an ashtray at a hotel pool last weekend to take the code.  I was a counselor at a camp last week, and for the Thursday night pizza party we purchased 4 Coke, 4 Sprite and 2 Barq’s 12-packs totalling up for an easy 100 points and housed by 50 16 year olds. 

That's a lot of coke products

The only missed opportunity was to replicate that feat over 15 other parties happening concurrently with ours, or the fact that they were drinking soda all week and I could have gotten the points from those too.  Missed opportunities.  They’ll get you every time.  Still, I have to keep on keeping on, there’s a Wii to be one.  Remember bringing Coke Caps to Stand Up Shows, really puts a smile on my face.   Let’s see a few this Saturday Night at the Cue Club in Delran, NJ. 

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~ by chrismcdevitt on June 27, 2007.

11 Responses to “My Coke Rewards: The American Dream”

  1. I don’t really understand what it is you’re tryiing to do, but I feel your passion, and I support it 110%. So good luck with all that.

  2. Why don’t you just save the money you’d normally spend on Coke and just buy a Wii? Less work.

  3. I can afford the Wii. But this is much more fun, and I’ll appreciate it much more if I earned it. Rather than bought it with two set’s worth of comedy.

    Plus I won’t need it until 2008 anyway.

  4. i am also saving up for the wii i started two days ago and i have 121 points

  5. You’re going to need to step it up for the wii. You can’t really bank anymore than 100 points a day. So you’d need 62.5 full days of 100 points.

  6. guess what, i just read the fine print and you need to KEEP your codes on hand in case they want to verify tehm after you redeem them. I have over 3400 and have not kept one. I think its a giant scam

  7. You just saw that in the rules? You should see my fucking shoebox full of caps. You only need to keep them for 90 days. I started May 5th or something…so August 5th and so on, they can’t be re-verified anymore..

    it’s alright dude, hang in there.

  8. Sigh, this was my dream as well, then the other day I saw the dreaded words “out of stock” across both the wii and ds 😦

  9. Lol i have a wii…

  10. I got my Wii from coke the day before it went out of stock.
    You have to make friends with your garbage man he has the points. My husband is a garbage man and that is how we get all the points. Last year it was MP3 players for everyone at Christmas.
    This year it’s a Wii and a few games. Now I want the one year movie pass, I will get it soon.

  11. I have over 1300 points.

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