Saturday Night at The Comedy Cabaret

Sit on back, and let the Half Ninja paint the picture of Saturday night for you.  For those of you who have never been to a Bob Levy show, Saturday would have been the perfect introduction.  Especially, if you’re a Kidd Chris fan.  As soon as I heard him announce on the air that he would actually be leaving his house to go to the show, I knew it would be packed.

Even the K-I-D-D needs reservations 

In their first racuous comedy show as Husband and Wife, KC and Lenny brought out their whole crew: Huggy, Future Mrs. Huggy, Thomas, Rockhard, Monkeyboy, and RonFin along with us comics: Levy, Me, Danny Ozark, Blake from Sales, and Pat O’Donnell,as emcee.  The place was sold out.  You couldn’t even find any SRO, if you wanted to SR.

Spot Yourself!

There were so many people in the room, I had to share a seat with Blake from Sales, and his large ass from sales as well.


Still, it was a great show.  Everybody got their laugh and their drink on, even Danny Ozark, fresh off his troubles and looking to move on; drinking to numb the pain.

Straight outta the Pitcher!

Straight out of the pitcher, that D.O. is a CLASS ACT!   Cheers, Danny!


After my set, Levy quickly took the stage and proceeded just as quickly to hop off it.  He said the stage was too high, but I suspect the room was spinning already.  Soon after he started audience member’s heads started spinning as well, as Levy ripped into each and every one of them.

What's the MATTA with YOU!?!?

One poor gentleman upfront is a perfect example of the kind of genius Levy brings to the stage.  Me, I’ll see a black guy, or a fat chick, but the Reverend digs deeper to find people’s real weaknesses and insecurities and then ridicule them in front of an entire audience about it.  Even more amazing is the fact that the object of the ridicule often wants to buy him a shot later.  Geishas and Gentlemen I give you, the Mammal Toe.

Mammal Toe

After the show, the real fun began, I could describe it but I think I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.  What do you think about that, Rock Hard?


Gobble, Gobble

Turkey only has one expression.  The “Do you know where my father is” face.  Now Thomas and I, we make tons of faces.

Half Ninjas

You just can’t say no to that face.

Where's Matt?  He's supposed to be cradling the balls!!!

While Huggy was busy ‘keeping’ the 1-3pm slot on WYSP, Ron Fin slid on in and started Cock-blocking the Huggster.

So, you ever seen the back of a UPS truck?

Ever seen him without his hat on?  Nah, and you probably won’t.  It’s scary, almost as scary as I am to Black people.

Jigga-BOOOOOO!  BOOO! get it?

At this point in the night, my narration is going to suffer, because the memories are a little fuzzy.

Huggy, Mrs. Huggy, Jess, Ruthie, Me, Lenny, and Jeff the Bottomfeeder trying to steal some poontang.

I know Rock Beats Paper but can Two Rocks Beat Metal?

After everyone left, we staggered to Levy’s room. Watched him get a soda…Where's the Pop button?

And put the headliner to bed.

Get OUT!

I wasn’t too happy about the 90 minute drive home while practically black out drunk.

Steaming Mad

Unfortunately, my drunk anger often resembles moping and sad faces.  Still, thank God I didn’t have to drive. That’s one of the benefits of having an awesome girlfriend, who doesn’t mind when you pass out on her driving arm, while she carts your drunk ass home.  Hell of a way to start an anniversary, I guess.


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One Response to “Saturday Night at The Comedy Cabaret”

  1. You must really not remember…because I minded your putting my driving arm to sleep very much.

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