Lions and Tigers and White Trash, Oh MY!

So last week, during my daily commute from Rider University to my day job, I got to soak in the sites of Route 1.  Apart from my little porn search, this was the first time I’ve ever just cruised the area without being in bumper to bumper traffic.  As a blogger and a comedian I spend a lot of my life looking for things that stick out.  Funny things.  Weird things.  Things apart from the mainstream.  What I saw on Route 1 that morning certainly qualifies.

How did I get up here?

From afar it was hard to tell what was on the roof of the building?  A suicidal robot?  A silverbacked gorilla working on the Direct TV Dish?  A nerd who got lost on his way to Wizard World?  Nope.  It’s a Tin Man.  I say, A tin man and not THE tin man, because, well I don’t really know.  I just hope that the star of stage and screen doesn’t spend his days hanging out on rooftops along Rte. 1.

Where's Dorothy?  How much did I drink last night?

Perhaps it’s some sort of modern art or a mashing of broadway plays.  Think, Tin Man on a Hot Tin Roof.  I couldn’t be sure.  Sure I could have asked somebody, but the people around the Tin Man’s perch mostly had mullets and houses with wheels on them.  I just report what I see, I don’t investigate it.  I wasn’t going to go around knocking on screen doors and windshields. 

Nice people = trailer trash?

Sure the Trailer Park sign advertised that it was a community of ‘nice people’.  But I don’t believe everything I read, in fact, I wasn’t so sure the people there could read at all.  One thing is for sure, there’s a least one Friend of Dorothy in that trailer park, and that kind of symbolism speaks volumes louder than a simple rainbow sticker on a yaris.


~ by chrismcdevitt on June 25, 2007.

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