When a group of men who only see each other a handful of times each year get together.  There aren’t too many places they can go where they won’t get thrown out, where they can have a few beers, and where they can look at chicks and get their 18 year old friends in too.  That’s why we go to Hooters.  The wings suck, the beer’s flat, and the stools are plain uncomfortable, but you can’t beat the atmosphere.

What Ya'll Want?

It’s a great place to just unwind with your pals.  Guys like Juggles, freshly flown in from Florida and going back within the week.  Or Andy, he’s around all the time, but it’s still nice to see him.  Or the girl that ran out of this photo, right before we took it.  It was fun to watch her walk away, bouncing.


I bet Juggles doesn’t even have a myspace.  So I’ll just link to the website that he’ll never actually finish building.  Everybody has a good time at Hooters, young and old.  But young or old, nobody ever quite has the same good time that Anthony does.  He doesn’t drink any harder than the rest of us , doesn’t look any better, or have better skin; and he sucks at fantasy football; but when it comes to the ladies, well, he likes it raw.

Next year, she'll have a baby.

While we were there, two of our party decided to go off and eat alone watching golf.  So we did what any funloving group of retards would.  We paid our check, and then had the waitress go over and present them ‘with it’, as we ran out of the restaurant thanking them for dinner.

Unsuspecting Victims

They were not amused, until they realize it was just a joke.  The waitress wasn’t very good at keeping a straight face, but at least she’s keeping plenty of men straight.

“Very funny, guys.  Very funny.”

I thought it was funny…almost as funny as this girl’s cankles:

Ever see Heathers?  BIG FUN!


~ by chrismcdevitt on June 18, 2007.

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