Huggy, Huggy Smalls is the Illest…

All ‘dialogue/recap’ from this night has been deleted due to the fact that it was written around 4:30am after drinking at least 6 sugarfree Red Bulls.  It made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.Ass or Cleavage, I bet You're WRONG!

Meanie, The Root of All Evil, and Lady Gash

Matt from Matt and Huggy, Vinnie the Crumb from Barksy and Yours Truly From Your Mother's Snatch

Meanie and I blinging our VIP status.

What up, Dwayne?  Hey HEY HEY!


Ronald Finnerty or SOME SHIT, he brought his girlfriend, LOSER!


Sometimes I'm ashamed FOR other PEOPLE!

Damn... that's some good motorboating.


Who's Winning?  Not your Penises!

There's the MAN!  WOO!  TEN IN A ROW!

What's up now, Rumplestiltskin?

You're a Sexy Lemur, Give it To ME!

He's the bachelor!

Mean Muggin' , Motherfucker

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~ by chrismcdevitt on June 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Huggy, Huggy Smalls is the Illest…”

  1. That look in the last photo says “I’ve got somewhere to be, I just don’t know which one of the 20 roads I see to follow.”

  2. Definitely cleavage. That is the top of a shirt.

  3. Oh and btw I NEVER said lap dances are cheating. I said they are disrespectful mister.

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