Take Me Out To The Ballpark

Free Shit is Awesome

Well, halfninja IS back.  My apologies for the late update today but last night was so fucking action packed it fucked my whole day up.  Good times, noodle salad.  Last night was the Kidd Chris Show Night at Citizen’s Bank Park.  The Phillies spanked the White Sox 7-to-3 and narrowly beat a bad-ass rain delay. Let me just say that the rooftop bleachers are amazing, they’re way better than being in the park.  You can see everything, it’s like watching the game on a lifesize PLASMA TV.

Don't Believe Me?

My camera can’t do it justice.  The seats were great, the team played great, the weather was great until it started to rain.  The price of beer is all I can complain about.  $6.25 for a plastic bottle of Budweiser= Bullshit.

Pounding Brews with the Blue Meanie!

You end up with a pocket full of change and little else, as all your cash is belong to them.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a comedian or a professional wrestler (like the Blue Meanie pictured above who was just depressed he couldn’t drink Blue Moon Ale), the Budweiser is still $6.25. 

My Dream Girl

Luckily, this little lady saved my life.  Just because the Budweiser is $6.25 doesn’t mean the Heineken Lite has to be.  Heineken to the rescue.  That angel above knew my friends at WYSP and came into our section with free wristbands to enjoy the Heineken Light promotion on the deck next to our Rooftop Bleachers.   I kiss you!


Everybody enjoyed the wristbands.

The two hottest chicks at all of these promotions.

Every BODY.    The park was super accomodating, they even had Kidd Chris out to the Phillies dugout to mess around with the Philadelphia Phanatic and his Flying Guitar.

Ritchie Valens ain't got Shit on the Kidd.

What more can you ask for?  Friends, Free Beer, Baseball, A nice chill to the air, Free T-shirts…  A great time.  Even local cause celebre, Danny Ozark, came out to say “Whuttup” and support the Phils, right in the middle of his whole panty shenanigan backlash.

Laserfight Hotpants Fatface Loose Pants and SniffyDrawers Underpants

More about Danny and his troubles in another entry.  Let’s just say it was a wonderful night to be a Philadelphian (or a visitor).  Until it started to rain, and everybody bailed on Citizen’s Bank Park.


Everybody that is, except for Thomas and I, who were left standing in the rain waiting for Kidd Chris and Brad Maybe to come back from the Super-Sweet Box they were taken to after the dug-out dance.

Half Drunk and Wet is no way for two Half Irishmen to be.  Thomas is the original Half Ninja.  I almost kicked this old man in a soccer ball hat in the head, just for “kicks”.

I hate soccer, don't let the shoes fool ya.

Finally, after seven or eight impatient texts, the rest of our party joined us outside the gates.

The Kidd Show Cast Minus Monkeyboy

It was back to Thomas fly ride, which looks and smells just like a urinal cake, and off to Danny Ozark’s “Humiliation Party.”


~ by chrismcdevitt on June 13, 2007.

One Response to “Take Me Out To The Ballpark”

  1. The Heineken hookup had to be the best part.

    Fuck Budweiser. I hate their beer with the burning, fiery passion of a thousand white suns.

    Seriously… $6.25???

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