I has a Free T-Shirt.

Holy shit, I got a package in the mail today, I’d totally forgotten about.  Back in Mid-April, I joined the Coors Banquet Club, when I’d read on a message board about the free t-shirt offer.  I don’t drink Coors often.  But back in 1999, on the Millenia’s New Year’s Eve, my friends and I ‘scored’ a thirty-pack from my one friend’s cousins who had a fake id, and proceeded to get retarded as the ball dropped.

It was Free, came in the mail and everything.

 It’s a nice memory, but nowhere near the drunks that I go on now.  We mostly sat around, played Scattergories, and “stayed up late”, even at 19 I was still a loser.  But what can you do, those were the days.

So I’ll wear my Coors Club shirt proudly, even though Ringer Tees haven’t been popular for nearly a decade.

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~ by chrismcdevitt on June 13, 2007.

One Response to “I has a Free T-Shirt.”

  1. What was the fake idea?

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