The Sopranos, Season 7


The only thing worse than an once beloved television show overstaying its welcome, is one that is ended before its story has been told.  David Chase was always credited with laboring meticulously over his creation; running his sets with an iron-fist and not catering to any production schedules set by HBO.  He would do it his way or not at all.  Unfortunately, it appears that was all a smokescreen for writing difficulties and a complete lack of creativity to begin with. 

This is nothing new to the modern fan.  We’ve all sat through Episodes I-III of the Star Wars trilogy, hoping to recapture the magic and the mood that first made us fall in love with that galaxy far, far away to begin with.  We watched our childhood memories shat upon with the addition of ‘toy’ characters, and silly plots; and all the while we heard Lucas going on and on in the press about how his vision had come to life and this was what he had initially intended since the beginning.

Bullshit on both accounts.  La Cosa Nostra; Blood in, Blood out.  Once you enter the family, there is no getting out.  Mobster’s careers’ end one of two ways they get killed or they go to prison.  Very few are lucky enough to escape that fate, Meyer Lansky and Joe Bonnano being the only two that I can think of off the top of my head.  Tony is not that lucky.  There’s more to his story to be told.  Today I weep for what could have been, and humbly offer up ideas for a Season 7 that we will never see.

  •   Season 7
    • Meadow’s Wedding-  What do Italians love more than a wedding?  Nothing, they even named a damn soup after it.  Not to mention all the potential trouble with caterers, venues, bridesmaids, gifts, not to mention the groom’s bachelor party.  And where better to deliver the indictment subpoenas than at a wedding.  Getting the entire Jersey family in one location.  Tell me you don’t want to see Paulie Walnuts running for his life in a tuxedo, knocking down busboys and upsetting hours de voures trays.
    •   Carlo’s testimony, his handlers, his bodyguards, his long wait at the safehouse, and his ultimate demise.  We barely knew the guy to begin with, I have yet to meet someone who could have picked Carlo out of a lineup when it was revealed that he flipped.
    • Tony’s trial on the gun charge, the RICO case the feds are building, will it fall apart without Carlo’s testimony?  Can it hold up? An Acquital or a short fall, maybe a long one?
    • AJ and his obvious commitment to “statutory rape” with the lovely Rhiannon.
    • Silvio Dante in a Terri Schiavo-esque legal battle.  Roman Catholicism vs. the insurance company of whatever bullshit job Silvio declared on his taxes.
    • Patsy as Underboss in wake of Silvio’s absence, Bobby’s Death, and the upcoming wedding.  Could Patsy find out that Tony had his brother whacked? Can he forgive and forget, does he know already?
    • The Russian Mobster who escaped from Paulie and Chrissie in the Pine Barrens; where is he?  what’s he up to?  Does he carry a grudge?
    • Furio, They send for ‘zips’ all the time to do quick wet work in the states and fly out, what would happen if Furio returned to Jersey even for just a few hours?
    • Could Meadow get pregnant before the wedding… She is changing her birth control.  How big a deal would this be?
    • Junior’s Funeral, and the search for his stash of cash.  Will Tony use it for Bobby’s children or keep it for himself?  Would Tony even be the one to find it?
    • The Cat.  What’s the deal?
    • Agent Harris- Has Homeland Security duty really changed his opinions on Organized Crime.  Does his ‘lover’ realize that he tipped off Tony to Phil Leotardo’s location.  Will Harris play a role in Tony’s trial?
  • Could a Hurricane hit New Jersey during the heart of Tony’s trial.  Tear the roof off of Carmella’s new “summer home” real estate venture? All kinds of problems for this newly ‘independent’ businesswoman.

There’s so much more to know, to be explored.  Storytellers don’t just flip to black and say, well that’s it, that’s my vision, that’s art.  Storytellers TELL the STORY they are the vessel not the artist.  Even Mark Twain knew you end the story of a man with a wedding or a funeral.  In my fictional Season 7 we would have both; and an extremely entertaining character could have his deserved end; good or bad.


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~ by chrismcdevitt on June 11, 2007.

56 Responses to “The Sopranos, Season 7”

  1. A while back there was a little movie clip on the sopranos web site and it went through everyone that got killed in the seasons of the Sopranos, and sure enough the russian guy was on it. You know the one that Paulie and Christopher chased through the woods? So you can take that off your list as an idea for another season.

  2. I wish there was a season 7…they left the ending open to interpretation…bleh! (Pine barrens was one of my favorite episodes btw). The best kind of ending is one in which everybody dies…

  3. The Sopranos was meant to be more like real life and not have neat and tidy endings like every other cliched lazy tv drama.Anyway most of the main story-lines were tied up.I thought Tony was in fact shot but apparently not.As his lawyer Mink says “trials are there to be won” and who’s to say Tony won’t survive again? John Gotti did.

  4. There should have been another season. it is simply ended in a bad way, there is still far too much more that can be done. Why they don’t rake in the money for another season I will never know, I for one would buy it, and after all isn’t that the point in the whole thing.

  5. when will this be coming back on the Air..season 7 of the sopranos i mean?

  6. I can’t leave without Sopranos. Please coming back with season 7, 8, 9, 10,……..

  7. I heard that a movie is in the making.
    Probably this will close some if not all of the loose ends in question.

    regarding a season 7 I don’t see one in the future.

  8. To be continued for sure !

  9. Does anybody where you can buy season 7 should be out now no?

  10. I would love to see a season 7 but only if they can recast the same actors. I hate when they change actors in order to do a sequeal or pre-queal. I hear the actors and issues with contracts were the reason for the show’s end- too bad. But it will be a classic.

  11. their almost wasnt a season 6 james gandolfini quit the show but they talked him into coming back for 1 more season it fucking sucks but i doubt their will ever be a season 7

  12. I agree with everyone. Season 6 was a big dissapointment. I bought the whole entire series to see if there would be a different with season 6 but still dissapointed. Again I agree with everyone, they should come out with at least season 7

  13. You are obviously too dumb to realize that the story is told from the prospective of Tony. Now, if you look back to the first eps on part 2 there is a part where he asks Bobby what happens when you die. He replies that it just turns to black. Now, on the last eps his enemies walk into the place and boom it turns to black. He was obviously shot and as Chase said, any real fan would understand that.

  14. Another video worth watching here this is clear that David Chase says Tony died. What more of an ending can you want,any real fan of the show would have been able to understand this. The show is made by Chase for fans of the show,anyone who did not like the ending was not a true fan of the show or too dumb to understand.



  17. season 7? fugget about it

  18. Yes they are going to bring back season 7,8,9,10. they will start shooting in 2011.. i work for a major moive executive…

  19. you cant even spell the job title correctly….but ok,
    roll on 2011 I say !!

  20. Yep it deffinatly looks like it’s over just watched all of it again for the third time. Bye T shame it had to end.

  21. Hey, I was just re-watching all the Sopranos episodes (I have no life) and even if the Russian guy Paulie and Christopher was on the clip from the Sopranos website as having been killed, we never SAW him dead, and really, who else would have taken their car? They were in the middle of the woods! It seems unlikely that someone else would steal their car; these details imply that the guy (who was also credited with being stealth-commando-ninja-killer) didn’t die, but in fact took their car and drove back to civilization. I say he can be in season 7 if ever one gets written, and actually I think that guy could have a fun little sub-plot of his own.

  22. I agree, i want season seven! To hell with all that rubbish about not tying up loose ends, this is a tv show its meant to entertain not frustrate!! Give me more!! more answers!! I cna’t go on knowing there will never be anymore sopranos

  23. I can’t stand people who criticize something like you just did… where you have no ability to do a better job… and show no appreciation for Sopranos series. Like people complaining about Avatar… What the hell has anyone got to moan about… You’re entitled to your opinion but when you’re just slating something you have zero ability to do better yourself and you don’t even give credit where credit is due. You’re full of s***.

  24. Another correction, Patsy knows about T whackin his brother. I don’t remember the episode, but in one he sits i a shrubbery aiming at T with a gun all pissed, or somthing like that.

    Just let Sopranos R.I.P. and search for alternatives, it’s over and done.

  25. What a ahame such a brilliant show can’t continue into at leat another series.
    I have just finished watching the full box set and am at a loss as to what to watch now. It took over my life for the last few weeks.
    Come on, someone get it on the go again.

  26. I just think that Mr. Chase does not wish to write a season 7. Nonetheless, he is still an excellent writer and we as the audience hope his talent does not go to waste…Salute!

  27. Oh god please let there be a season 7.

  28. I want to see cleaver!

  29. I am a patient girl to a point…………..I’m not asking “if” for Season 7, Im asking “WHEN”
    Obviously there are followers to this series that truly enjoyed this show. James? Wtf? Are you laughing? Please, respect the viewers that love and admire this series………bring us what we want and what we continue to put money into your pockets for…………hmmmm.

  30. I would have ended it with a gunshot while Meadow was parking the car. This would lesd to other interpretations. Was Tony able to defend himself, or was he oblivious to his surroundings? Did Tony have it coming, or did all of his victums have it coming? Was Tony a fair boss or just a ruthless killer? And did Tony really want that life that was given to him? Did he have a heart?
    Opinion: Tony did not ask or want that lifestyle. He felt obligated due to his commitment to family. Loyalty is the backbone of this series!

  31. There’s no tv series or movie dat compares to sopranos
    Surely there wil be atleast a comeback series seeing were they all are now whether Tony is dead or not its got potential for so much more

  32. Best mafioso show with respect for family and shhhhhh. Each episode is filled with lessons of life and surviving against the odds

  33. it’s amazing that 3-4 years after this article was written, it’s even fans who write posts. I also believe that Tony died in the last episode of season 6 when everything went dark, there was much emphasis on those who came in the door of the restaurant, especially the guy who went to the bathroom that we did not see more before everything got dark.

    I sure hope they make a movie about The Sopranos, but again it is important not to get too much money out and forget about quality.

    And again, its weird of all the stuff you´re thinking about after watching Sopranos, you really feel that you learn something, how to act in real life in different situations.

    It is no series in the entire world that can compare to The Sopranos.

    Robert, Norway

    • er da lov å håpe på en ny sesong, forsøkt meg på fem-seks nye serier uten hell ettersom sopranos slår alt.

  34. Pls bring back sopranos it is best tv show ever and we can do with good telly again james g . is awsum so pls chase if reading tis pls bring back sumthin go to do with are jersey friends

  35. Yes thoroughly agree I am sure all the actors would get on board with the show coming back again….I love the show have the full boxed set but now am getting hooked on Sons Of Anarchy but if I had to choose Sopranos would win hands down…please Mr Chase maybe a movie I am from Australia and the show was hugh here.

  36. Loved it but as it aired at irregular times in the U.K originally didn’t catch much past S3 so watched entire S1-6 recently. What can I say !! S7??? More chance I put my foot in your ass !!

  37. alot of your ideas for season 7 are obtuse as you’ve missed to read between the lines. Tony is dead, the cat was adrianna. etc etc etc. it’s not just a mobster series, learn to read the symbolisim and like tony you will ‘get it’

    • ^ Best comment i read so far. Lol. The way Chase sets up the ending tends to imply the series is over. The people in the restaurant, there are numerous signs pointing to this conclusion. Someone pointed out above that in season 2 i believe, Tony asks Bobby about what happens when you die. Bobby replies, that all just turns black. Another between the lines hint to the abrupt end Chase is known for. In my opinion, sadly folks, shows over. The Sopranos. You will be missed. R.I.P <3<3<3.

  38. WTF

  39. I just wonna say- now is 2012…….it’s not to late for comeback. And,where are the actors who stared in the show?? You can see T in a few good movies and that’s it. And the others?? When I watch season 6 I feel like I’m standing in dog shit. Chase,if this is really the end….you stopped halfway.



  42. Best series ever. I hope,Sopranos will be back one day. Frankly,as years passes,the less I believe in that.But who know.Maybe ….I think,it would be, again,the most watched tv show. In the time of all sorts of CSI,Sopranos came like oscar winning film.

  43. For me and also for people I know,all other series are joke for Sopranos. As a child’s play for professional football.

  44. Will never be bettered, never be replicated and never be continued. Just about the most perfect TV series ever aired

  45. Great article.

  46. Having read this I thought it was rather enlightening.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this article together.

    I once again find myself personally spending a significant
    amount of time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  47. Simple do more series of sopranos end of

  48. “The Sopranos, Season 7 Half Ninja” ended up being a terrific read and
    I actually was in fact truly content to locate the blog post.
    Thanks for the post,Juliet

  49. best fuckin show on the planet .period. its that good as it is i cant even make up my mind if the sould make more . la coso nostra !!!!

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