Comedy Cabaret With Bob Levy

Ugh, just woke up from a kickass night last night at the Comedy Cabaret in Northeast Philly with Bob Levy from The Howard Stern Show and Kidd Chris.  No hangover, but I’m not exactly in fighting shape either.

Dateraping RapeDater

It’s awesome being as pale as I am; between the camera’s flash and the stage’s spotlight I am just a ghost on stage. A funny Irish ghost.  This was probably one of the best shows I’ve been to in awhile as far as audience enjoyment.

Black fans

and white fans alike

…and white fans alike.

Bob had spent the night before in Toronto and only got back to the area like 90 minutes before showtime.  He was in rare form.

The emcee did 24 minutes up front instead of his usually expected 10 minutes, which cut harshly into everyone else’s time.  Apparently, he confused me being “from” the Kidd  Chris show, with me actually being “Kidd Chris“.  He was trying to impress me to get on ‘my’ radio show, not realizing every additional minute was just pissing me off.  Still, that didn’t matter to Bob.  He went up there to headline, and headline he did; and hour and 20 minutes worth. After the show, Bob hit the lounge apparently to find someone to titty fuck him.

Whos horny?

 I didn’t understand either, but it’s often better not to ask questions.  With everyone so tired, I think the high point of last night was the ladies room running out of soap, and every women feeling free to wash their hands in the men’s room.  Odd, but at least they’re clean.

Girls in the Boys Room

What can you do, right?  I didn’t see anyone minding.

Overall, it was a good time, everyone went home happy.

Chris McDevitt and Danny Ozark

Bonus Points to anyone who can solve the puzzle over Danny’s left shoulder.

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~ by chrismcdevitt on June 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “Comedy Cabaret With Bob Levy”

  1. Rare dog groomer

  2. It’s not rare because the other r would be up.
    my guess is work dog groomer

  3. Last night was probably the best NE show I’ve been too. All of you guys kicked ass. Great crowd, great sets, and a whole lotta great beers to wash the comedy down. The puzzle reads “Turd Dig Gimmer” btw. hahaha -fin

  4. corn dog groomer

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