Knocked Up: The Greatest Soundtrack They’re Not Releasing

Fuck the Original Score; put out the collection  How many movies do you leave thinking, man, I should really buy the soundtrack to that film?  Sure, I liked it and all, and a DVD would be nice, but right now, I’d like to roll around in my car, on the train, at my place, and just listen to the music from that movie?  It doesn’t happen often, and yet when you roll into a Best Buy or a Sam Goody, there’s an entire section devoted to the soundtracks of many films, some great but most shitty.  So imagine my surprise when I went to pick up the Knocked Up soundtrack, and found only the original music written for and inspired by the movie for sale.  I’m sure, Loudon Wainwright III is a brilliant songwriter and all, but where is my “Shame on a Nigga” by the Wu-Tang clan?  Why don’t they just feature Wainwright’s songs on an album with Sublime’s “Santeria” and the B-52’s “Rock Lobster?

 Personally, I blame the record companies.  They’ve been dipping their greedy little hands into everyone’s pockets and jamming their noses into everyone’s business for the past six or seven years; so much so that they’re only crippling themselves.  I don’t want to hit LIMEWIRE and download the songs piecemeal, I want to walk into a store and buy them all in one pretty little package, and I can’t.  Because Movie Companies don’t want to pay twice to use the music in the movie, as well as the soundtrack, and the record company people don’t want to throw any of the profit to the Movie Company to license the film’s name for the soundtrack.  So neither corporation will create or profit from the sale of said soundtrack.  Nobody’s getting screwed here but the consumer. 

Knocked Up is going to dominate at the box office and make the Movie Company a shitload of money, and artists like Britney, Sublime, Wu-Tang, and the rest will continue to sell their albums; the only loser is the person who just wants to hear the fucking songs all in a row, on one CD, or in one directory on his iPod.  I asked for it and they didn’t have it.  I wanted to pay for it, and it wasn’t being sold, so who’s going to be the bad guy when I make it myself from downloaded music?  ME.  Not until I actually try to supply a demand, will the Record Companies get off their ass and start complaining about what I’m doing to them. 

Shame on a Nigga, indeed.

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~ by chrismcdevitt on June 8, 2007.

79 Responses to “Knocked Up: The Greatest Soundtrack They’re Not Releasing”

  1. Go back to talking about shaving your nuts. You had me there…

  2. […] Up Soundtrack : UPDATE Less than 6 hours after I posted my blog entry about The Greatest Movie Soundtrack They’ll  Never Release, a copy of it was being pressed into my hands by my loving girlfriend, Jessica.  After reading the […]

  3. I have been looking all over the place for this soundtrack as well and just found out that it doesn’t exist as well. I can’t believe it! I guess i’ll have to make my own too.

  4. im so glad someone thinks the same.. through the whole movie i was thinking .. wow what a great soundtrack
    fuck the corprate world

    but thanks for the song list

  5. record sales decrease because life sucks.

  6. there was a song at the end of the movie when the baby is born. It might be titled, ‘baby’, but i cant seem to find it. Any help out there?

  7. I thought there was a Beatle’s cover in the movie too? Am I wrong?

  8. You’re probably thinking of Tropicana by Ratatat, it sounds kind of Beatles-y. Ratatat is definitely one of my favorite bands.

  9. there was definitly a cover of the beatles song “revolution” but i don’t know the artist who did it.

  10. You’re missing some that are on IMDB:

  11. There was a cover of police and thieves by clash too…

  12. Hey, man don’t mean to disagree…Knocked up soundtrack featuring both wainright and ODB is sweet but the bet soundtrack never to be released is from Scorsese’s Mean Streets circa 1973.

  13. but what song was that when the two girls where in the club

  14. Loudon Wainwright III – Daughter

    This played during the credits

  15. what song was it when ben and allison were dancing in the club?

  16. does anyone know the name of the song in the dvd Knocked Up menu???

  17. Swing By Savage is the song on the knocked up menu as well as the dance scene between ben & allison

  18. There’s a CD called “Strange Weirdos” by Loundon Wainwright III which has the tag “Music from & inspired by the film Knocked Up” It has alot of songs missing from the list that you made tho.

  19. yeah i definitely just made my own soundtrack.
    f the music indistry.

  20. I wanna know the name of the song playing durning the menu. When there all dancing and stuff. any body know it?

  21. does anyone know the name of the song that plays when it shows the embryo splitting and then the scene with the guy from spider man starts where she pukes?

    i would really like to know what song that is but none of the soundtrack sites seem to have it on them…

    can anyone help me out please?

  22. i, too, am very upset that there is no official soundtrack. i saw knocked up over the summer, but only realized how many great songs were in it when i rented it this wkend. it sucks there is no sndtrk, bc i can’t get that piano hook out of my head from the opening credits, but i don’t wanna buy the entire wu-tang clan album. my fingers are crossed that they’ll release a sndtrk in the future.

  23. I really want the soundtrack!!!!!!! ::(:(:( i just wanna buy it…….

  24. does annnnnnnnny one know the song when they are having sex???? i looove that song!someone please tell me

  25. rock lobster- the b52’s

  26. Great movie.. no sound track =[[[[

  27. “Daughter” is the title of the song at the end. Its also by Loudon Waynewright 111 ( I spelled his last name wrong) just type Loudon into itunes or something. Its a good song. Love to you!

  28. You forgot “police and thieves” by junior murvin on Knocked Up Soundtrack, great song!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Still looking for the name of the song where the embryo was splitting. Bren, ever find it? Thanks

  30. Haha, i was just searching for the soundtrack listing for the song during the beginning of the movie. and was severely disappointed they don’t have a soundtrack for this movie. How mentally retarded is that?!

  31. Does anyone know the song when ben gets the email from alison. i cant find it.

  32. Does anyone know the song when ben is doing the darth vader bong scene right before allison call him

  33. does anybody know the name of the song at the beginning dvd menu?

  34. anyone know the name of the track that’s playing when ben’s taking a bong hit during the earthquake?

  35. You guys with questions should go here:

    All the questions have been answered. HUGE PAGE of soundtrack info. Class site.

  36. the club song is Swing Bye Savage !!!! after 4 days i found it lol

  37. whats the song that they were dancing to in the club…

  38. hey theres a norah jones song at the beginning of chapter 7….any guesses?

  39. Does anyone know what song is playing during the earth quake? Thanks!

  40. Wow…Greg I was just looking that up? Norah Jones song???

  41. I found it. It’s not Nora Jones. It’s Love Me by The Little Willies

  42. wow they sound exactly like norah jones to me. the funny thing is i just downloaded it and it said “love me- norah jones and the little willies” haha…im all confused now…thanks melissa

  43. wow i just made my own and it was worth the time i guess but i’d rather spend the 20 bucks to buy one… anyway there is a song missing at the end when the baby is in the car on the way home…its called “grey in LA” and its by loudon wainwright

  44. Hey, I just want to THANK YOU for posting this. I love the music from that movie and I just Googled and was sorely disappointed with the incredibly lame soundtrack. You’re right, the record companies are greedy pigs. Thanks again, you’re awesome.

  45. so do you know the song that’s playing on the dvd menu?

  46. title of song playing during the club dance scene?

  47. Swing by Savage, Keith.

  48. Yo…which song is it when he is “using the dice thing too much” in da club?

  49. Totally Aggree, Aweasome Soundtrack and went to record shop yesterday asking for it … ony to be disappointed. Somebody is losing money here, cause I was willing to hand over cash there and then. Probabaly just go and pickup Loudin Wainwright now.

  50. thanks for the song list! I’m also devastated that there is no soundtrack. this list is perfect to put it all together.

  51. Where would I be able to find Swing by Savage? Thanks.

  52. ****Theres a song at the end of the movie that is not daughter, or grey in l.A…its more of a beat driven song and I havent seen the answer on any board****

  53. Hey what’s the song with Trina? Alison and Debbie are dancing to it in the club in the beginning of the movie. Yea I agree with all. They should’ve released the soundtrack. I definately would’ve bought it. Thanks for the list. the internet unleashes all sorts of undiscovered things. Ciao


  55. I haven’t seen the movie but I looked up the soundtrack wondering if the hilarious song “Knocked Up” by Dan Baird (formerly of The Georgia Satellites) was in there. I recommend adding it to your unofficial movie mixtape.

  56. the song where they are in the club is called: “let me see your hips swing” by: savage

  57. b/c someone up there was complaing that they didn’t know what that song was… so there ya go nigga

  58. […] They&8217re not Releasing&8221 … but what song was that when the two girls where in the club… Technology to Launch New Online Bingo – FOXBusinessThe TSX does not accept responsibility […]

  59. Definitely agree. Kudos, nigga.

  60. the song that debbie and allison dance to when they first get to the club is called “don’t trip” by trina and lil’ wayne.

  61. Whats the song when the hurricane hits???!!!

  62. fukn hell wats the song when they having sex, old school love song? any1?

  63. whats the name of the song when ben calls his friend and tells him if hes going to masturbate to put a knuse around his neck?

  64. hey whats the song on the special features menu

  65. jeeesuuus this makes me realize yet another layer of middle management screwing things up

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  69. Word!!!!! You said it, man. I felt the same way about the soundtrack to Fight Club when I wanted the Pixies song from the film. Their loss, I had to download it instead. It would’ve been fun to have it with the rest of the sounds from the movie on one disc, I’d have gladly forked over the twelve bucks.

  70. I will take a look at all the blogs, thanks for sharing this list.

  71. I absolutely agree with you. The soundtrack to Knocked Up really touched me!

  72. Nice Work man Your blog is so great.Thanks very much for posting this topic

  73. just to put you straight, it does not cost film companies more to release a soundtrack. The record label pays for that and it’s a royalty for each each track based on sales. The truth is every film co. expect a soundtrack no matter how shit the film or how crap or little the music might be in there. I agree the music in this film is good and would have made a great soundtrack. The most likely scenario is that a label was not given sufficient time to release a soundtrack before the film got released theatrically or maybe felt the film was not going to be the cult hit it turned out to be, otherwise I’m sure someone would have done one.

  74. what is the name of the disco song when they’re in the club with the words turn away turn away turn away turn away turn away

  75. […] Still, that’s not enough to make stay home and bitch that he can’t afford to go out and have fun. What he does is go to a club with his friends. Image source: […]

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