Get A Free Blockbuster Video Game Rental From Coke

This is not a scam or spam.  It’s just a nice little loophole.  If you sign up today or already have a membership,  you can enter the Promo Codes below to get 88 points.  A free videogame rental is only 80 points.  Sure it’ll take a couple of weeks to accept delivery, but who cares; it takes a few moments of your time and doesn’t cost you anything.  You won’t have to touch a single one of these:


What else are you going to do at work?

100084056688357 — 25 Points
100084148441474 — 25 more points
100083158358966 — Use after 8pm
100082021821624 — 3 points
100082157763657 — 5 points
100082211832616 — 10 points
100082622438433 — 10 points
100083969675326 — 10 points
100083625554846 — Pirates of the Caribbean ringtones

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~ by chrismcdevitt on June 8, 2007.

6 Responses to “Get A Free Blockbuster Video Game Rental From Coke”

  1. unsure of the values but these worked for me


  2. plus this one gets you a free 20oz coke coupon


  3. shhhhhaaweeeeeeet

  4. None of these were accepted!!! Got anymore?!?!?!?

  5. This post is over two months old. The promo codes have been used up by now.
    My advice would be to subscribe to Halfninja and get these things when they’re posted, not when they finally turn up on Google.

  6. Any new codes for this year???? All of those have expired.

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