Gay Paree

Here’s a question, why is Junior from Reno 911 driving the police car?


Well, it’s official, Paris Hilton is on her way back to jail to serve the rest of her 45 day sentence. She’ll be credited with 5 days served, hopefully, they won’t let her out again. This bitch is in and out of jail like she’s got a Park-Hopper pass from Walt Disney World. Her last public words were “Mom, Mom, Mom!” which most jailbirds are left screaming in the shower. Seriously, it’s not even prison. It’s jail. She’s in there with Deadbeat Moms and shoplifters. Do you think she’s more afraid of the prisoners or the simple fact that she might be so bored she’d actually read a book?

I hope they give her a job in the Jail Laundry. “That’s hot.”

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~ by chrismcdevitt on June 8, 2007.

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