The Mach 5

The life of a comedian is not always an interesting one.  You can’t be onstage every night (unless you live in New York) and often, you just don’t feel like going out if you’re not going to be onstage.  Between the day job, the radio show, the stand up career, my relationship and my attempts to get a Cartoon Project together, I’d rather just go nap at 7pm on the nights I can manage it.  So now you add this blog to the mix.  I promised myself updates at least every day.  So what the fuck do I write about today?  What’s my offering today?  I couldn’t think of anything.  So I shaved half my face.

Coupla Swipes with the Razor

Tomorrow IS casual friday so I’m thinking about keeping it.  It was kind of funny watching the people in my house slowly realize that something was wrong.  Cut myself a couple of times, suppose that’s what I get for letting it grow for almost a week out of sheer laziness.

Close UP

All in all, it was pretty fun.  Especially driving to the store in traffic.  I think the only way to top this one would be to shave 1 half of my balls.  There’s an idea.  Of course, my girlfriend probably wouldn’t be laughing.  I thought shaving down there would make it look bigger, but truth betold it didn’t look bigger, it looked lonely and scared, and my juevos were freezing.  They say if you shave your nuts, girls will love licking them.  But that’s only true for about two days, until the 5 O’Cock shadow kicks in, then they complain that it’s like french kissing a cat. 


~ by chrismcdevitt on June 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Mach 5”

  1. If you would shave any portion of your balls I’d be happy.

  2. We men are like those toys where you drag iron filings over the cartoon guys face with a magnet (you know what I mean). We have to experiment with our own facial hair. We can’t just shave and forget it…. new facial hair concepts must be invented.

    I have to give you credit… I haven’t seen this one yet. Someone should popularize this, because it’s pretty unique and crazy.

    If you walked around like this all the time and you also got your friends to do it, it could take off. I support it.

  3. […] You might remember another facial hair fiasco a few months back on, for your LoLs I’ve linked it here. […]

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