Open Mics…

It’s a wednesday, well it was, it’ll be thursday in 18 minutes as I write this, and I’m still trying to wash that bar gig out of my mouth before Northeast Philly this weekend with Bob Levy.  Luckily, when you’ve got that kinda monkey to shake there’s a place you can go, The Stress Factory.

This is the club I made my bones at, and the only one I call home.

This is the club, that I made my bones at, and the only one I call home. It’s open mic, but it’s alright.  You never know what to expect, sometimes the crowd is meager (if it’s nice out) other times you’d think Dave Attell was playing the club (which he does quite often).  Not to mention, you never know who you’ll see.  Rich Vos, Bonnie McFarlane, Jim Florentine, Jim Brueur have all been known to crash the open mic and work on some of their new stuff for the crowd.  Vos will be there this weekend as a matter of fact.  Try the thursday show, a Stress Factory pen will get you in for 50% off the cover, and they won’t hustle you out cuz there’s only one show.  Plenty of extra time to buy a DVD and take a picture.  Digression.  The crowd tonight was small but mighty, they knew funny.

There were MORE but my digital camera doesn't take 360 degree shots, I don't have that much cheddar yet.

There were more people than that, but I don’t have a 360 degree camera.  Still I take much better photographs than Pat Breslin.

He's retarded, I swear.

He’s a great co-host, but photography’s just not in the cards for that lad.  I had a decent set, most of the new stuff I was trying worked, which was a surprise.  We’ll see how it does on Saturday with the harsh critics of Philadelphia.  If all goes well there, I’ll be selling my own brand of Nunchucks.  If you want to know what that joke means, you’ll just have to come to a show.  So that set was a nice chaser to the horse piss from last saturday, but even if you crush an open mic, it’s still just an open mic.  It’s kinda like this:

Hail to the King, baby.

Sure, I’m the king, but my crown’s made of paper.  Whatever.  Metaphors probably aren’t that good if you have to explain them.  The people that were there listening dug my shit.  Not everyone was listening though, some were outside, gabbing and workshopping their material.

Be Glad .jpgs don't have sound

But that’s okay.  That picture just makes me glad that Jpegs don’t have sound.  You should be glad too.  I had a good time, the audience had a good time.  No one’s complaining.  Even the club owner and comedian, Vinnie Brand, had a good time.

I stick my chin out so it doesn't double over on itself.

The only person who didn’t have a good time was this guy, right after I StreetFighter 2’ed him into the bathroom stall. 


I played that game every day for three years.  Don’t fuck with my chi balls, man.  It’s a fatality everytime.
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